Skylancer – Defunct

Skylancer is a free to play strategy MMORPG where you will discover a world of fantasy and adventure.  Your goal is to slip into the role of the ruler of a flying island in the sky and work alongside other players in a huge team which reaches all the way to the moon.

The world is called Horizon, and there are three different factions fighting for control of the planet. You must also decide for which faction you will fight, whether it is the Empire, Alliance or Renegades.  Regardless of your faction, you but one goal in mind ? to capture and control the artifacts of an ancient and legendary people. This quest will have you travelling to the ends of the earth and the moon. But you can only complete the quest by working together with other players in your faction. You must find a group of like-minded individuals for which you can rely on and take on the challenge of building a tower that can reach the moon.  If and when you complete this task, you will have a chance at finding the artifacts which will provide you with additional powerful technologies.

The world of Skylancer ? Battle for Horizon is dynamic and unique.  You will find that there is always something for you to do and someone for you to help. You will encounter countless quests that are riddled about the world.  Quest that will challenge you, as well as your friends, to complete them.  But by completing these tasks, you will be able to build up your floating island in the sky and become an even more powerful ruler. The more you build and research new technologies, the better chance you stand at claiming the artifacts as your own.

Skylancer is a unique take on the classic city building game.  You will find it necessary to build infrastructure like sawmills, quarries, and farms, which will generate resources for the supply of units.  You will learn to control your units and technologies in order to maximize your potential.

Skylancer has something for all gamers.  For those who like fighting, the game offers a complete set of  tactical PvP and PvE battles, and a great deal of weapons, shields and gear.  Players will also find enjoyment in searching for the lost civilization and fighting with lunar guardians on their quest.

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