Gamer Pays $1,725 for MW3

Thought you were the number one fan most excited for Modern Warfare 3? Well, you may have to think again as a leaked copy of the game has been sold for $1,725 on eBay. Unauthorized copies of the game were accidentally released this week when a retailer placed the game on sale.  Modern Warfare 3 is not supposed to be released until November 8th.  This expensive sale went for nearly 30 times the retail price and receive a total of 88 bids but to the surprise of no one playing the game before the official release date may result in a ban. Stephen Tolouse, Xbox Live?s Director of Policy and Enforcement tweeted ?Pre-release play not authorized. Please be patient. Playing early may impact your account!? In related news video footage from the game was leaked and popped up online. One of the scenes shows the death of a child in a central London attack which is sure to cause controvery. Activision lawyers have been on their game though and have pulled the video from most news sites.

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