SmashMuck Champions Crashes Onto Steam Scene

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Kiz Studios have just announced that their uniquely themed free MOBA game, SmashMuck Champions, is now available under the watchful eye of the Steam Early Access program. Steam’s Early Access feature gives players the opportunity to dive into the latest free-to-play titles during the early beta stages so if you’re looking for a fresh new MOBA to try, now’s your chance.

?At PAX Prime in Seattle, we were overwhelmed by the incredible reaction
the game received from both fans and media, so we?re excited to bring SmashMuck Champions to Steam?s much larger audience,? said Ashley Johnson, President and COO, Kiz Studios.  ?SmashMuck Champions
is the accessible-but-competitive alternative to traditional MOBAs and
it thrives on fast and intense matches, FPS-style game modes and, most
importantly, our commitment to open development.  We invite our players
to join us in the development process — our game is truly designed by and for
the fans.  Steam?s ?Early Access? program provides us with an even
larger platform from which we can bring welcome even more great gamer
minds into the fold.?

Despite its comical appearances Smashmuck Champions has received high praise from both players and critics for its in-depth yet accessible approach to the MOBA genre. The design approach, by the fans and for the fans, has proven successful in past months following the addition of a new Champion created solely by the communities ideas. It’s doubtful that SmashMuck Champions will compete with the big-names of the MOBA genre, but the accessibility and easily learned controls make it a great starting point for new arena fans.

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