SMITE Gets Its Swag On

Following last weeks reveal on Twitch.TV developers Hi-Rez Studios today officially announced the next exciting patch for the critically-acclaimed free-to-play MOBA, SMITE. The already impressive SMITE roster is set to expand further with the debut of the Goddess of Venom, Serqet, alongside several awesome new skins and the typical long list of bug fixes, item changes and ability balancing.

Serqet enters the battlefield as an Egyptian assassin that’s sure to terrify her opponents with a deadly selection of poison based abilities. Her ultimate promises to be one of the most devastating abilities in the game as she leaps on her target, stunning them for one second and applying poison before pushing the enemy away. If the enemy is killed by either the initial damage or poison, the target explodes and applies poison to nearby allies. This unique ability will make standing on the front lines a potentially deadly choice for even the most tankiest of God’s.

The official God reveal video for Serqet has been released alongside a video highlighting Agni’s new pimping skin, Swagni.

Source: Press Release

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