SMITE God Reveal – Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty

Hi-Rez Studios has just revealed their newest god in their hit MOBA game SMITE, Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty.

In SMITE, Aphrodite is a golden scepter wielding mage class. [heading]Abilities:[/heading]  Loving Embrace  (passive) –  Gaining Aphrodite’s favor is a blessing in that it returns a percentage of all mana gained by her to her soulmate.

Kiss Aphrodite blows a kiss to an ally god making them her soulmate and giving them a speed boost. If a kiss hits an enemy god, he is stunned, also her soulmate gets jealous, making them deal increased damage .

Back Off –  Aphrodite commands all enemies to get away from her, doing damage and knocking any damage back. If she has a soulmate the damage originates on them, dealing equal damage and slowing enemies.

Love Birds –  Aphrodite calls forth a flock of doves that deal magical damage and heal her soulmate.

Undying Love (Ultimate) –  Aphrodite grants her soulmate temporary invulnerability while also removing all crowd control effects from them.

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