Sneak Peek At Future SMITE Updates

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Following last weeks news story about SMITE players doubting the future of the popular MOBA game, I thought I’d bring you SMITE fans something a little more positive today. Over the course of the weekend, during the EU and NA weekly SMITE tournaments, Hi-Rez Erez posted some comments on the Twitch.TV channel detailing some aspects of future SMITE updates.

He never provided any details in regards when these features will be released but I would expect the majority of them to be featured in the next 2-3 patches. It doesn’t really make much sense to hint at something 6 months away. Below is a highlight of the features he mentioned during the tournament:

  • New Hades skin
  • Gold Chang?e
  • Gold Bastet
  • Gold Herc
  • Ares voicepack
  • Ra voicepack
  • Vamana voicepack
  • New Worshiper level at 50 ‘Adept’ (For an upcoming new ranked mode)
  • Thanatos is a physical assassin that’s able to Jungle
  • Crazy bee guy ADC coming in about a month
  • Possible Region lock

He also very briefly mentioned the upcoming God, Mercury. Apparently he will be a physical melee God that uses his fists as a primary weapon. So in one short tournament break he revealed 3 brand new Gods, new voicepacks, Gold Skins and a new game mode. I don’t know about you guys but I’m happy to welcome more physical God’s to the SMITE battleground.

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