Soldier Front 2 Closed Beta Has Begun

Aeria Games have just announced that the closed beta event for their upcoming action MMOFPS title, Soldier Front 2, is now underway. Free-to-play shooters don’t have the best reputation with many developers attempting to copy the typical formula without any attention to additional details or features, but Soldier Front 2 manages to deliver on a variety of levels.

The controls are easy to pick up and the movement and feel of the game are very fluid, rivaling that of even the best FPS titles around today. I quite often feel free-to-play FPS games are lacking in terms of fluidity, with rigid controls and animations, but Soldier Front 2 impressed me during my short play session last month. Outside of the finely tuned core mechanics players can enjoy fun game modes, in-depth character progression and a huge variety of items and weapons.

The closed beta began earlier today and players with access can download and jump in now. If you’re one of the few with access, what do you think? Is it a worthy addition to the FPS genre?

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