Star Citizen Kickstarter & Beyond

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The Star Citizen community continues to wow the gaming world following the latest post on the Roberts Space Industry website. Star Citizen first came to light last October after launching its Kickstarter funding program and amassing a massive $2.1 million of funding, after only asking for $500,000. The Kickstarter page was filled with promises of grandeur and unlike many other Kickstarter games, it appears the developers are well on the way to delivering.

Following the end of the Kickstarter program funding kept pouring in and the developers have now announced that they’ve broken the $18 million milestone, adding even more features to the already impressive list.

Cloud Imperium Games have also revealed the next stretch goal. Should Star Citizen achieve $20 million in funding the developers will add PlanetSide 2 style FPS combat to land, expanding on the space and space-station battles already announced.

For more information on future stretch goals and current changes to the in-game store you can read the official post here.

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