Star Wars: The Old Republic Doing Quite Alright

People have been murmuring back and forth about the official subscription numbers for EA?s Star Wars: The Old Republic, and why the company was taking so long to release sales data. As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, speculation regarding the subscriber numbers led to a small drop in EA?s stock value, but the company seems to have taken it all in stride.
Thanks to a call with investors early this morning, we now know exactly how many active subscribers are signed on in SWTOR ? over 1.7 million. This huge number in just the game?s second month of launch makes The Old Republic the fastest growing paid MMO of all time, comfortably smashing World of Warcraft and every other pretender to the throne.

Two million copies of the game have been sold so far, with 40% of those sales rolling through EA?s Origin distribution service. They?ve also landed a peak concurrency of one million users.
The official SWTOR site had a few other cool details to show off, such as 20 billion NPC deaths being recorded since launch, 148 billion credits pumped into the economy and 27,000 years of in-game time racked up by players.
It?s unclear whether these big numbers can boost EA?s stock, but one thing is for sure ? SWTOR is a resounding success.
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Source: MMOSite

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