Swordsman Online Open Beta Begins

World Entertainment are proud to announce the latest MMORPG release
under their ever-watchful eye, the open beta launch of the oriental
martial arts themed MMO, Swordsman Online.

Despite having an arsenal
of MMO games under the Perfect World Entertainment portal, Swordsman
Online is the first of their titles to launch exclusively through the
new Arc portal, a one-stop shop for all things PWE.
open beta event gives access to all interested players as they
explore a world of myth and legend in Swordsman Online.

The open beta
launch also sees the release of highly anticipated cross-server
functions including the ability to engage in large-scale PvP against
players and groups from other servers. Cross-server communication
tools have also been implemented, allowing players to converse and
trade with other members of the Swordsman Online community.

members of the Swordsman Online closed beta test will also be
receiving their rewards for aiding in the games early development

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