Top 10 Co-Op Games For 2018

There’s nothing quite like playing a good game with a buddy. Or even a sworn enemy–as long as you’re better than them. But it can be difficult to find a game worthy of your time and attention. Yeah, we all know about the Destinies and Worlds Of Warcrafts–but is there anything else out there? Well, … Read more

Top 10 Upcoming MOBAs for 2016 | MMO Attack Best 10

Today we are going to be talking about the top 10 best upcoming MOBAs that will be coming this coming year, for 2016! The MOBA fanatacism has not died down quite yet, as the hype isn’t as much as it was the past two to three years, but there are still a few left to come, so here, we check them out!

In no particular order (watch the vid bro!)
Arena of Fate
Hyper Universe
Dark Nexus Arena
Master X Master


2015 End of Year MMO Awards

Time for our awards for the best of the best for 2015. We have several categories as listed below. Be sure to share what games you think deserved to win and debate in the comments!

Best New Client MMO for 2015 – 1:29
Best New Browser MMO for 2015 – 2:26
Best New MOBA for 2015- 3:32
Best MMORPG Expansion of 2015- 4:50
Best Overall Free to Play MMO – 5:50
Best Overall Subscription MMO – 6:53
Best Overall Boxed MMO – 8:03
Best Beta of 2015 – 9:14
Best Early Access Available now – 10:22
Most Anticipated MMO – 11:45


Top 10 Failed MOBAs 2015 | MMO ATK Best 10

Today we’re doing a top 10 in remembrance of fallen / bad games. 2014/2015 are the years of the MOBA, so there’s definitely some that have failed right? Let’s take a look at the top 10 failed MOBAs for 2015.

The List includes:
Infinite Crisis
Transformers Universe
Sins of a Dark Age
Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes
Cannons Lasers Rockets
Guardians of Middle Earth


Top 10 Most Popular MMOs 2015 | MMO ATK Top 10

Have you ever wondered how many people are actually playing some of these MMO games these days?  This list is going to offer up the games with the most massive amounts of players in the game at any one time.

We based this list based off of, not just the number of accounts, cause it would be based off of older games with just tons of accounts, but games that have the most direct interaction with players at this time.

Thanks for watching!


Top 10 Sandbox MMORPGs for 2015


Today we are going to take a look at the top 10 best MMO sandbox games that are coming out this year, 2015!  These games are going to be open world, and give you a huge amount of freedom, including: creation mechanics, player-housing, destruction mechanics and more.  The point of these games are that they are a huge open world and offer you a great amount of freedom.  With that in mind, we are going to rank these by which games will give you the most polish, the most freedom and all the tools that you would want in a sandbox.  Here’s our top 10 best sandbox MMOs for 2015!

[heading]H1Z1[/heading]Let’s start the list by talking about H1Z1, because we already know what it’s like, and we know that it lacks a lot of polish at this point.  But in the end, it’s really a good, genre-defining game, at least for being free to play.  The aesthetic of the game is not ground-breaking by any means, but in the end it gives us a huge amount of craftables, a lot of depth and the freedom to create fortresses, building, traps and more.

[heading]Crowfall[/heading]Here we have Crowfall, which looks like it will be similar to Albion Online, except far more immersive and will also be using a shard system (similar to Shards Online), so you will have a home-world and also other shards to go and explore.  It seems like the game will be similar oriented to open world PvP in World of Warcraft, except done right!  It will have voxel destruction, guilds, action combat and much more.

[heading]Albion Online[/heading]Albion Online has made it to a couple of top 10 lists that we have done in the past, mostly because it really is going to be genre-defining, as well as playable on many devices, like browser and mobile.  But really for a pure sandbox game it will be very polished and give you all the tools you want in a sandbox game.

[heading]Survarium[/heading]Survarium will be a little different from our usual open-world survival MMOs, because that’s going to be only one component of the game.  Which can be good or really bad.  Survarium will have instanced PvP battles as well as a co-op section, and also an open world area to play as a survival MMO.

[heading]The Repopulation[/heading]This game might not be for everyone, it will probably onlyl be for the most hardcore of player.  It will be a sci-fi shooter, but without any real shooting mechanics, playing more like your standard MMO.  The best part of the game will be the huge amount of content, but will probably not be for the casual gamer.  Those of you with a huge amount of patience, and willingness to try out a hardcore MMO game will be into The Repopulation.

[heading]The Division[/heading]The Division has a lot of potential, but so did Destiny!  With Ubisoft’s current track record, a lot of people are losing some of their hype and hope, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.  The main questions are how much freedom will we have, what are some of the limitations will there be.  The Division definitely looks great, which is mainly why people are excited about.  The story, RPG mechanics and sheer immersion are what may make The Division one of the best sandbox MMOs for the year.

[heading]Shards Online[/heading]There are a lot of really interesting sandboxers out there, but Shards Online will allow you to create your own little universe, which will be one of the most unique aspects of the game.  Traversing different players shards will give everyone a chance to try out many different ways that people are playing the game.

[heading]Reign of Kings[/heading]Currently in early access, the game will be released later this year and is looking really great and polished.  Think a mix of Skyrim and Minecraft.  The goal of the game is to own the throne and become the king and be able to do things like tax people on the server.  Even the lower level of gameplay seems fun and different.

[heading]Black Desert Online[/heading]Black Desert Online, from Pearl Abyss, will borrow a ton of things from some of our most favorite sandbox games like: open-world PvP, player-housing, a player-driven economy, an open-ended economy and more!  This mixed with the typical MMO and MMORPG archetypes will make this one a great choice for players who like hardcore sandbox games, as well as those who are typically RPG players.

[heading]Star Citizen[/heading]Our number one spot goes to Star Citizen, it’s got so much hype right now that I think you probably could have guessed it.  The risk and reward gameplay is something we love about sandbox games, and Star Citizen promises to bring just that, with a huge universe and a huge amount of options.  This will be the next generation of sandbox games and we’re super excited to get into this game and fully immerse ourselves in the universe.


Top 10 Best Free Multiplayer Browser Games 2015


A list of the top free multiplayer browser games for 2015. These ten titles are the best of the best that you can find and play online with no download required, right in your browser!  There should be a little bit of something for everyone here, whether you are a competitive player, looking for a shooter, something to casually play with friends or waste time with random strangers.

Since the list is full of browser games, these links below take you right to the landing page for the game, so you should be playing within seconds.  Enjoy!

10. Game of Bombs
9. Transformice
8. Draw Something
7. Freefall Tournament
6. Adventure Time Battle Party
5. Tag Pro
4. Treasure Arena
3. Little War Game
2. Prismata
1. Attack on Titan


Top 10 MOBA Games 2015 | Best Upcoming MOBAs


Welcome back, Attack! So 2014 was a really big year for moba games, and also a sad year with Transformers, Universe and Dawngate being cancelled, but can we be more optimistic this year?  We can at least try to be. This is going to be a Top 10 list for upcoming MOBAs this year, for 2015.  Get stoked, get hyped, let’s get on with the list.

[heading]Master X Master[/heading]

Alighty everybody, to start off our countdown, our list, we gotta talk about Master X Master, or just Master Master.  This is going to be a top-down shooting MOBA, so it’s going to be somewhat similar to XAM, or it’s going to be similar to Shards of War – basically you have a different kind of control scheme than what you’re used to in normal MOBA, considering DOTA 2 and League of Legends.  You are actually controlling a shooter character- kind of like a twin-stick shooter – you are aiming your cursor, you are shooting skill shots, but it’s still top-down.  If you guys are used to playing action RPG’s,  used to the mechanical-intensive characters of League of Legends, and hey, if you’ve played shards of war, maybe you’ve played XAM, you’re going to fall into this game and you’re going to enjoy it. Dead Island, Epidemic is even using these kinds of control scheme.  So we see a lot of Moba coming out that are actually utilizing this control scheme and it really just works.  Hopefully, though, oh, and it looks like it – I mean based on the trailers, it looks like this game is going to live up to those mechanics, and actually have gameplay that’s worthy of those mechanics: lots of skill shots, lots of things that you need to avoid – PVE and PVP considered.  Hopefully, thematically, everything is going to fit  together and we’re going to fall in love with these characters, and hopefully, it’s going to translate well to the West.

[heading]Lord of Vermillion: Arena[/heading]

So the next game we’re going to be talking about is Lord of Vermillion: Arena, by Square Enix., that is actually based on an extremely popular card game in the East, but it’s pretty much unknown in the West, which could be kind of a tragedy, because maybe we won’t even see this game and maybe it’s not going to translate very well, but either way, this is probably going to be a good MOBA.  Now, the card game iteration of the game essentially was a translation of MOBA mechanics for card game, now we’re getting a true, full MOBA, and this is going to be Square Enix’s first attempt into the MOBA market.  The gameplay is going to be kind of reminiscent of MMO PVP battle grounds – gameplay that’s kind of similar to SMITE.  So hopefully, with this, it’s actually going to blow up, and we’re going to have a really deep and complicated game, but still have the mechanics that we want from MMO Battle Grounds or PVP games, like Arena Fighters.

[heading]Core Masters[/heading]

Alright guys, so a game I’m really going to be excited for is Core Masters – I think it just has a lot of character, it really reminds me of League of Legends when it was first starting.  And yes, I can’t really disagree saying that this does look very similar to League of Legends – I mean, cosmetically, yeah, a lot mechanically, as well. But the thing this game has is it has a lot of character, and has a really clean art style.  Not only that, it has a lot of interesting mechanics.  These characters not only look really interesting, but mechanically, I’m excited to get my hands on them.  Not only that, but it seems like it has a lot of really interesting game types, and really interesting objective play that really focuses on brawling and fighting.  And sure, it might not be competitive, it might not have the most strategic depth, but overall it just seems like a really fun and olorful game that I just want to dive into.  Core Masters is really focused on Eastern audiences, but when it comes to the West, we can still hope for the best.

[heading]Arena of Fate[/heading]

Alright guys, let’s talk about Arena of Fate. Now, I don’t know about you guys but I’m not really sold into the art style or even the aesthetics, because apparently it’s supposed to be fairy characters like Red Riding Hood and such, but if you actually look at the gameplay, it looks really interesting and at least really good graphically.  But of course, it’s Crytek.  The game actually has a time limit- it’s supposed to be a very casual MOBA where matches don’t take that long, well, because of the time limit, and also because it’s very fighting-focused.  Fighting both PVE for the objectives, and also brawling-focused with a lot of mechanics so you can get into the fight and fight others easily without too much consequence, kind of similar to Dawngate, may it rest in peace, Heartstone, and Strife.  This is going to be one of those games that tries to fill that niche, casual market for MOBA.  It’s cartoony, it’s silly, it’s promising  fun, quick fights. Honestly there’s not too much hype behind the game, but it’s by a big company.  I think it’s safe to say that you don’t want to keep your eyes off of this one for too long – it might just surprise us.


Alright everybody, let’s talk about DeadBreed.  Now this is a game that has a lot of hype behind it because of its really interesting aesthetic, unlike any other MOBA out there that has a really cartoony look to it, but this game is really looking kind of classic, dirty, and gritty. And true to its a ction RPG aesthetic, yes, it actually players like an action RPG.  You are going to be equipping items (that kind of sounds like a normal MOBA), but your character actually wears the item.  You’re not just starting out as an archer- you’re not just starting out as a claymore-wielding badass, no, you actually buy those items and every character has it’s own, innate abilities, but you choose the weapon that he uses.  You also choose the armor and the artifacts and from that, the store actually has a huge amount of impact, not just aestheticall, just cause your character looks awesome with that cape, but also mechanically, because you are giving him a totally different playstyle depending on the weapons and armors that you are choosing.  Add in the fact that there is going to be a lots of different characters and the map design is very RPG-based, where there’s even dungeons and lots of different objectives, you guys c an start to see where all the fun is to be had here.

[heading]Fates Forever[/heading]

Alright so now, the next game we’re going to be looking at is Fates Forever, which is for the mobile devices and for the tablet, but guys, guys, don’t leave the video yet – know that this is actually a full-fledged MOBA.  You’re going to have mobility, you’re going to have all the strategy that want.  And, it’s gonna be fully-functional, fully mechanical.  All these characters would totally fit in your League of Legends and your Dota.  Not only that, but they totally look just as good, too.  It’s fully-fleshed out, extremely colorful, has a lot of character, and overall this is probably going to be the single best mobile MOBA, and it’s going to be great. And it controls very well for the tablets as well, seemingly.  And I know mobas are kind of well known for being kind of competitive, but if you’re looking for a casual, and fun experience Fates Forever is definitely going to deliver it.

[heading]King of Wushu[/heading]

Ok, guys, next up on the list, is King of freaking Wushu.  Or really just King of Wushu.  But anyways, this game is CRAZY, this game is kung-fu crazy.  There’s kung-fu fighting, lightning fast-whatever the song, and so, King of Wushu is, oh my goodness. It’s supposed to be an action MOBA and hopefuly it will live up to maybe, say, the predecessor to SMITE, hopefully, you know, SMITE’s really a freaking awesome game, so if we can get that kind of game, but a little more on the action side, take away some of the strategy, I guess would be the appropriate sacrifice, if we could have a really mechanical freaking kung-fu MOBA, I would dig it.  I think Western audiences would even dig it, it doesn’t really need to be crazy compicated or anything, just give us a lot of really cool flying fast kicks and punches, course a colorful cast of characters with all sorts of different kind of mojos and wujus and else…I’m definitely being insensitive, but I’m honestly quite excited for this game.  I hope you are too, King of Wushu, coming soon.


Okay, so similar in name to Heroes of Storm, we now have Strife.  Strife is kind of trying to be the Team Fortress 2 of MOBA, it’s just going to be fun, fun, fun – a lot of different mechanics are of course added into the game, but it’s not there to be competitive- it’s really just there to have fun and be silly and just kind of be random.  There’s so many variables in theis game.  The map is so huge, there’s so many different kinds of characgters and so much customizations wit hthese characters, especially with the pet system.  Guys, you can have pets.  With the pet system, that, it’s kind of hard to make this game competiive, but I don’t think they’re trying to be that, no.  Strife is actually just trying to be a really fun, silly game kind of in vain, just like Heroes of the Storm.  Ok, but where Heroes of the Storm is really meant for the small Arenas, not too much complexity, Strife is going the opposite.  Stille wants that complexity, still wants that huge item shopping, the fact that you can even have item crating, but it wants all that randomness and all that chaos just for the fun of it.  So if you love the depth and strategy of MOBA, and you still do enjoy the standard MOBA experience, and maybe you want a little less competitive atmosphere, then Strife is definitely the game for you.

[heading]Heroes of the Storm[/heading]

Ok so now we have Heroes of the Storm, and I know a lot of people are super psyched for this game, super stoked for this game, and it looks really fun, actually.  Yes, I have hands-on with it, I’ve bee playing it for a while now, and it is really interesting.  For one, there’s no item shop, so instead of having a broad item shop, where people can pick and choose different items, sometimes you can have bad builds, sometimes you can have good builds, really there’s not that much specialization within a broad item shop, and in this game you actually have individual traits for each individual character, so it’s essentially like an item shop specialized for those characters, so there’s never a really wrong build, and you can only ever really specialize and do different niche, unique things with your character from there.  Leveling is also a pretty unique mechanic in this game as well, because everyone levels together, yeah, experience is shared, so as you kill someone, everyone gets experience for that. Also, it’s  pretty interesting because instead of just focusing on just one map rotation, it’s actually going to have a full roster of maps, and each one of these maps are actually totally different thematically, and mechanically, with different sort of side objectives and quests.  And overall, the game is just a lot of fun, and sure it might not be as competitive as League of Legends, or DOTA 2, and it might not be as mechanical as something as SMITE, but in the end, it is really good casual fun, and I think a lot of people are going to enjoy that.


Alright guys, so our number one spot has to go to Gigantic.  Gigantic is going to be like a MOBA but it’s going to be not like a MOBA, I don’t know but it’s trying to say that it’s going to try to be like so manydiffernet kind of genres, it’s taking from so many ideas, that are taken from so many different RPG ideas, action RPG ideas, third person shooter ideas, MOBA ideas, basically this game is going to be kind of genre-defining, and I hope it is.  I hope that it’s going to be amazing, I hope it’s going to be big and epic, and so far all the gameplay screens look like it’s going to be.  Its art style is super clean, it looks like it’s going to run amazingly, 60 FPS smooth.  Now, the only problem is hoping that there’s going to be a lot of strategy and and tactics with different characters, with the different maps, and whatever we have with the player versus environment.  These giant, well wherever we get the namesake from these gigantic monsters that are going to be basically the point of each match.  Hopefully this turns out as awesome as it seems, guys.  If it does, if it doesn’t, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing game regardless, I’m sure it’s at least it’s going to be at least a good game, so keep your eyes forward, on the horizon, for all these games, but especially, our number one, Gigantic.

Thank you so much, Attack, for checking out our top 10 2015 MOBA’s coming out, hopefully they’re going to be as good as they’re hyped up to be, and if they are, we’ll definitely see you on there.  And yeah, go check out MMOATK.COM, we got some really cool articles and gaming goodness like this video, if you like it, maybe? I don’t know.  Leave a comment in the comment section below, if you think a game should have been on this list, or maybe shouldn’t be on this list, and guys – subscribe!  We got a lot of really cool content coming out, thank you for stopping by, and hopefully, we’ll see you later.

Mobile Gaming’s 2015 Super Bowl Ads Game Reviews

We take a look at the game’s that were bold enough to spend the big cash it takes to get into the coveted Super Bowl ad slots. This year three video game companies felt it was worthy to spend millions of dollars for a shot to become Super Bowl famous.

This year’s Mobile game advertisers include: Game of War: Fire Age, Heroes Charge and Clash of Clans.

[heading]Quick Facts[/heading]
Clash of Clans
60 second commercial = ~$9 million
Titled: Revenge
Featuring: Liam Neeson
Rated 17 of 61 by USA Today

Game of War: Fire Age
30 second commercial = ~$4 million
Titled: Who I Am
Featuring: Kate Upton
Rated 57 of 61 by USA Today

Heroes Charge
15 second commercial = ~$2.5 million
Titled: Big Game TV Commercial (very original)
Featuring: Gameplay and CGI
Rated 61 of 61 by USA Today (worst rated commercial for 2015)


Top 10 Best MMORPGs for 2015 | Top 10 Upcoming Games

Here’s our list of the most anticipated MMO and MMORPG Games for 2015. There are a lot of great games coming up on the horizon and we want to get them all here in one place so you can check them out for yourselves.

Some of the games may be in beta now, or are just rumored, or maybe won’t be released in 2015, but we’ll be hearing a lot about them in the next year.

[heading]What Games Made the List?[/heading]
Black Desert Online
BLESS Online
EverQuest Next
Blade & Soul
Albion Online
Shards Online
Lost Ark
Star Citizen