Hitman: Absolution, Company of Heroes 2, Wii U leaks – Daily Drop, May 7

Today’s top news: Blockbuster is rumored to have leaked the list of Wii U launch titles, Square Enix has released two new Hitman: Absolution screenshots, Relic Studios confirmed Company of Heroes 2, and THQ announced the Enter the Dominatrix expansion for Saint’s Row: The Third.

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THQ has 6 months to live

We?ve seen it happening more and more recently – large publishers losing profits, studio closures and wide-scale redundancies. Publishers are taking quite a beating in today?s gaming market, with what appears to be very little they can do aside from cutting down on costs in order to boost themselves financially. We?ve recently seen Sony do this, but THQ has been doing this for a while with no luck.

MMO Attack Gaming Recap, 3/30/2012

THQ downsizing, SEGA losing money, and Mojang developing Minecraft modding API

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