Trolling Top 10 Videos – MMOpinion Ep 47

It’s official. The MMOpinion that you have come to know is no more! Rather than having you guys, the viewers, respond to a predetermined topic, we’re going to discuss the comments you leave on various videos throughout our channel! Pay attention, you just might get a mention when you least expect it…
MMOpinion is our weekly opinion talk show. Here, your MMO ATK crew discusses various hot topics from the gaming world using both their own and YOUR opinions.
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The Six Most Legendary Trolls In MMO History

Occasionally, someone will step up and set themselves apart from the crowd. Their reasons are always their own, but they inevitably carry out plots and pranks so cunning, unique, or thoroughly vile; one can’t help but be at least a little impressed. Today, we’re going to pay tribute to some of the most legendary trolls of MMOs past.