Team Fortress 2 Man vs. Machine Mode Live

Team Fortress 2’s Red and Blue teams now have a new enemy they both share, the machines! The update that has been in the making for nearly 2 years has launched on Steam today. Valve is excited to announced their new Man vs. Machine content patch which brings a new computer controlled ?faction? and a new co-op mode to TF2.

Six players are pitted versus waves of robots, some of which are built to look like machine versions of the iconic TF2 classes. There are heavyweight heavy robots who love to brawl with their fists, robot snipers who shoot jarate filled darts, and bombs with legs who?are just bombs with legs.

There are also giant robots which come every few waves, such as Rapid Fire Soldier, who uses a rocket launcher more akin to a machine gun. Other ?boss? style robots include a heavy who can shoot down projectiles and a super scout who moves lighting fast and can pick up bombs used to destroy the Mann co. Facilities you are trying to defend.

The update is live today, but if you have not had a chance to look at the trailer for the Man vs. Machine mode, you can check that out below. Or of course you can head on over to to find out more about the update.

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