TERA receives first update

Today?s release of the first patch for massively multiplayer online MMO game TERA will see the political system undergoing an expansion. As of tomorrow, players with a level 50 character that also proudly serve as a guild leader will be able to run for office in fifteen provinces. Following this update, on 23rd May at 11:00am BST, all characters level 20 and above will be able to decide which players will be the first Vanarchs to be immortalised in TERA?s history books.

With the release of this patch, players also gain control over the level of violence displayed in-game. As previously available during the closed beta, all TERA users can now choose between three different levels of violent content.

In addition, many bug fixes are incorporated into the patch, including:

?         Guild symbols will be activated and no longer saved on the hard drive

?         An item drop fix in instanced dungeons

?         A preview function for accessories

?         3 new introductory quests for the enchantment system

Further bug fixes are detailed on the official TERA website.

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