The Glorious One Joins The SMITE Ranks

Hi-Rez Studios has just released the latest update for the increasingly popular free-to-play MOBA, introducing Ullr, The Glorious One to the constantly expanding SMITE God roster. In what could potentially be the final God introduced before the upcoming March 25th launch, Hi-Rez Studios have totally broken the mold with the first God that has the ability to freely switch between ranged and melee abilities.

In a similar way to Hel, Ullr is able to switch between ranged and melee skillsets through the usage of his ultimate ability, Wield Axes / Wield Bow. A rather hefty 15 second cooldown prevents immediate spamming between the two but that doesn’t make him any less of a threat. The combination of both attack options provides Ullr with an impressive arsenal of abilities and a very versatile skillset. AoE damage attacks from both melee and ranged styles, movement and physical damage buffs and a melee stun attack all come together to present one of the most innovative God’s to join the SMITE Battlefield.

Hi-Rez Studios have published a full list of patch notes which can be seen on the official website. Dark Lord Sun Wukong and Golden Nemesis have been added to the skins library, a new Closed Beta Player Icon was revealed (awarded to those that past level 10 before release), and the usual myriad of God and item tweaks.

Source: SMITE Website

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