The Stomping Land Walkthrough – Crafting Guide

The latest title to join the increasingly popular survival genre sees players become both the hunter and the hunted in the critically acclaimed The Stomping Land. This Stomping Land walkthrough guide provides detailed information on crafting, the materials available and the purpose of each item you can craft. If you’re new to The Stomping Land it would be a good idea to take a quick look at our tips and tricks guide to get some handy tips and help get you started.

The Stomping Land Crafting Guide Basics

The crafting system in The Stomping Land is very basic once you get to grips with it but it doesn’t really resemble similar features seen in other games, as such it can seem a little more complex for the new player resulting in the loss of vital materials.

Gathering materials is as simple as using your hatchet on a rock-face or tree. The collected material are then held in your hand until dropped. If you drop multiple resources on the same spot it will automatically create a storage box that houses each of the available materials. In order to craft any of the items listed below you will need to have all the necessary materials in the same crate. However, be cautious as using these materials to craft an item will take every resource in the same container.

So if you’re trying to make a Torch with 2 Wood but your box contains 6 Wood, 2 Stone and some Meat, all of the materials will disappear once the Torch has been created. Currently Meat is not used in any crafting recipes so it’s usually a safe idea to store these items in their own container.

Learning how to store and utilize the materials are your disposal is vital if you want to survive the early stages of The Stomping Land. Before crafting any items ensure there aren’t any leftover ingredients and if there are, move them to another storage container.

Another intelligent idea is to store ready-to-make items in a container for quick construction purposes. All of the items in The Stomping Land are capped at a certain amount and crafting past this amount loses both the item and materials. For example, crafting a Shield when you already have one will result in the loss of all materials and no extra shield. However, keeping several boxes containing 4 Wood and 1 Stone will allow for the quickest possible construction of a Shield if you need to make one in a hurry.

The Stomping Land Weapons

The Stomping Land Weapons Guide

There are currently 4 weapons that players are able to craft in The Stomping Land, offering additional options for both offensive and defensive situations. Below is a list of each weapon currently available in the game along with the materials required to craft them.

Weapon: Spear
Materials: 2 Stone 5 Wood
Usage: The Spear is a powerful melee weapon that is able to kill Gallimimus in a single hit and Stygimoloch in two hits. It is also currently the only tool that allows players to catch fish, although not very easily.

Weapon: Bow
Materials: 2 Stone 5 Wood
Usage: The Bow is currently the only long-range weapon available to hunters. It can be used to damage both other players and aggressive dinosaurs although it cannot harm any dinosaurs ranked higher than the Stygimoloch. It takes two direct hits to kill any dinosaur it can damage.

Weapon: Bola
Materials: 1 Stone 2 Wood
Usage: The Bola is one of the most exciting items in the game, more-so for its potential troll applications than anything else. Using a Bola on another player will instantly restrict their movements to crawling across the terrain. The individual that used the Bola is them able to drab them around at will. Dragging enemy players into the aggro range of aggressive dinosaurs, or dragging them into deep water, are both very effective ways of getting enemy hunters to disclose the location of their base camp. The only method of escape is to remain totally still for roughly 10 seconds, at which point the Bola breaks and the player has full movement capabilities once again. Bola’s do not currently work on any dinosaurs. Believe me, I tried.

Weapon: Shield
Materials: 1 Stone, 4 Wood
Usage: The Shield is one of the easiest weapons to craft in The Stomping Land but it’s also one of the most effective. The aggressive headbutt attack of the Stygimoloch is one of the biggest threats to a new player but using a Shield makes you immune to one single headbutt attack while also instantly killing the Stygimoloch that attacked you. It’s a great item to gather an initial stock of food as when used correctly, guarantees safety in a single battle against a Stygimoloch with easy food and potential taming on offer.

Weapon: Arrows (10 Pieces)
Materials: 2 Wood
Usage: Arrows can only be crafted if a player has previously crafted a Bow in their current life. 10 Arrows are created per craft although this is the maximum amount of ammo a Bow can currently hold.

The Stomping Land Structures

The Stomping Land Structures Guide

Structure: Cage
Materials: 15 Wood
Usage: Cages are used to trap enemy players or tamed dinosaurs, as currently a tamed dinosaur will flee after a certain period after a player dismounts. However, if you travel too far from a caged dinosaur it will respawn elsewhere. Cages cannot be opened. The only way to free a player or mount a caged dinosaur is to interact with the Cage and dismantle it. This causes the cage to disappear with no materials returned.

Structure: Firepit
Materials: 2 Stone, 2 Wood
Usage: A Firepit is one of the most vital structures for survival. It is currently the only method to cook Meat and as Meat cannot be eaten raw, it is vital you construct a Firepit to ensure your survival. Up to 5 pieces of Meat can be placed on a Firepit. You will not be able to place any items on a Firepit if the fire is currently lit. You can only have one Firepit assigned to your character. Constructing a second will destroy the original Firepit and any food it was holding at that time.

Structure: Totem
Materials: 2 Stone, 8 Wood
Usage: A Totem allows players to create a Tribe. Interacting with the Totem gives the Tribe Leader the option of accepting or declining a players offer to join. Currently the only benefit to joining a Tribe is on-screen names hovering above fellow Tribes members. You may only have one Totem assigned to your character.

Structure: TeePee
Materials: 4 Stone 10 Wood
Usage: A TeePee acts as your home in The Stomping Land. You can only construct a single TeePee at a time and your previous one must be dismantled before you’re able to make another, different to other structures that automatically replace previous ones. Once you have constructed a TeePee you will be given the option to respawn at that location upon death. TeePee’s can only be destroyed by players through interacting with it and waiting a short period.

The Stomping Land Items/Misc

The Stomping Land ItemsMisc Guide

Item: Torch
Materials: 2 Wood
Usage: Torches are vital for nighttime exploration although this is not advised. Holding a Torch makes you completely visible to enemy players and dinosaurs, regardless of your characters physical stance. Torches can be dropped to light certain areas but cannot be used or carried through water that is too deep to waddle through.

Item: Rope (3 Pieces)
Materials: 2 wood
Usage: Rope can only be constructed after a player has crafted the Bolas weapon item. Rope currently acts as a replenishment of ammunition for Bolas, taking far less materials than the original item itself.

The Stomping Land is currently in Early Access so we expect frequent updates in the coming weeks and months. We’ll do our very best to update the guide as quickly as possible following any updates but if there’s something we have missed in our Stomping Lands crafting guide, please leave a comment below.

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