The Stomping Land Walkthrough – Dinosaurs & Taming Guide

One of the most exciting elements of The Stomping Land is the ability to hunt and tame dinosaurs. This The Stomping Land Walkthrough – Dinosaurs & Taming Guide will teach you everything you need to know about the dinosaurs that inhabit the island and the requirements you’ll need to met if you hope to make them your ally.

The Stomping Land Taming Guide

Taming dinosaurs in The Stomping Land is one of the most unique features the game has to offer. Using very simple techniques players are able to tame these wild beasts to become allies, allowing the hunter to ride the animal and use its offensive abilities on other dinosaurs and players. In order to tame dinosaurs players will need to fulfill certain criteria and have a certain item.

Expertise is the most difficult requirement when taming dinosaurs. It’s basically an experience points system. Players accumulate Expertise in a variety of ways but must have the required amount for the “Heal” command to be visible. For more information check out our how to earn Expertise fast in The Stomping Land guide.

  • Kill a dinosaur or find a dead one
  • Have a Healing Herb
  • Interact with the dinosaur and use the “Heal” command
  • Further interaction will allow you to mount the dinosaur

The Stomping Land Dinosaurs Guide

Above is a map of Capa Island with the various caves highlighted. These caves are currently the only reliable source of herbs and with a low respawn time of just a few minutes, you shouldn’t have a problem collecting enough to tame your dinosaur of choice. Below is information relating to each of the individual dinosaurs currently available in The Stomping Land. Please note that this is not the final list and the developers plan to add many more over the next few months. The images below provide basic information such as the required amount of Expertise, the general behavior of the dinosaur and their movement patterns.

Dinosaur taming in The Stomping Land is typical of MMO-esque character progression. As a new player you will first want to aim at taming a Stygimoloch, made much easier with the correct usage of Shields and other crafting items. From that point players will naturally progress to the next “stage” of dinosaur, although techniques change as you progress.

Styracosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Carnotaurus cannot be killed by a hunter alone so in order to tame this powerful dinosaurs you will need to locate a dead one. This is most easily achieved via tracking. Currently the only way to track dinosaurs is during night as each individual star represents a dinosaur on the island. Try to locate small clusters or two stars on a collision course.

A final note. When you obtain enough Expertise to tame some of the bigger dinosaurs you’ll need to be careful. The bigger carnivores tend to attract other carnivores so if you’re near allies that are not mounted, or you lock your dinosaur away in a cage, a rather upset Ankylosaurus can really turn your day from good to oh my god holy hell, what just happened?

The Stomping Land is still in Early Access so it’s safe to expect regular updates that change a lot of content in the coming weeks and months. We’ll be sure to update this Stomping Land Walkthrough – Dinosaurs & Taming Guide at every opportunity but if there’s something we missed, please let us know in the comments below.

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