The Stomping Land Walkthrough – Tips & Tricks Guide

The Stomping Land may still be in early access but there’s a wealth of hidden tips and tricks that can quite easily be the difference between life and death. Check out our The Stomping Land Walkthrough – Tips & Tricks Guide for a detailed selection of some incredibly helpful tips and tricks as well as answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

Tips & Tricks

  • When harvesting materials try to store the exact amount required in a container before crafting to avoid waste.
  • Regularly required items, such as Shields, can be crafted quicker if you leave several containers with the required ingredients ready.
  • Don’t build your TeePee or camp on the beach. All major spawns are located at the waters edge and other players will destroy your TeePee.
  • If you want to move your camp to another location be sure to dismantle your TeePee as another cannot be created without doing so.
  • Be sure to remove any meat from a Firepit before constructing a new one.
  • Don’t waste resources on cages, dinosaurs disappear after you travel a certain distance from them.
  • Try to avoid exploring at night unless absolutely necessary.
  • Try to reduce the amount of light sources near your camp and put out the fire if you need to leave.
  • Always try to have 2 Healing Herbs should your dinosaur get injured and need reviving.
  • Be careful on mounted dinosaurs as even without moving they can damage and kill nearby allies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I eat in The Stomping Land?
A: There are currently two types of food in The Stomping Land. Small Meat and Large Meat. Small Meat can be obtained from smaller dinosaurs that the hunter can kill while Large Meat can only be obtained from the corpses of larger dinosaurs.

Q: How does the hunger system work?
A: There are four stages of hunger. Consuming a Small Meat removes 1 stage of hunger while a Large Meat removes all stages and returns a player to full appetite. You’re safe until your hunger meter turns red at stage four, at that point you begin starving to death.<br><br>

Q: What are Healing Herbs?
A: Healing Herbs are used to tame dinosaurs once the player has the required amount of Expertise. To use a Healing Herb simply interact with a dead dinosaur. You can hold a maximum of two Healing Herbs at any one time.

Q: How can I transport materials?
A: Players can drag boxes of materials via the interaction menu. Up to 20 materials can be dragged at any one time.

Q: How do I track dinosaurs in The Stomping Land?
A: Currently the only method of tracking sees players using the stars as a point of reference. Each star in the night sky represents a dinosaur, navigating to these areas is the best way to find new dinosaurs to tame or a food source.

Q: What is Expertise?
A: Expertise is basically the experience points system in The Stomping Land. Players earn Expertise for each minute they’re alive and can also earn additional Expertise via Shrines. For more information check out our fast Expertise guide.

Q: How to craft X item?
A: Crafting in The Stomping Land is relatively simple and currently only includes two materials. For a full list of recipes and required materials check out our Stomping Land crafting guide.

We’ll continue to expand this list of questions and tips as the game continues to improve. If there’s a specific aspect of the game that has you puzzled, please post below and we’ll be sure to add it to the guide.

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