The Unforgiven Swordsman Debuts In League Of Legends

Riot Games today revealed the latest Champion to join the constantly expanding roster in League of Legends with the debut of Yasou the Unforgiven, a disgraced master swordsman with something to prove. Yasou joins the fray as a master of the sword, enjoying the benefits of devastating levels of single target damage and great mobility, perfect for chasing down that pesky Teemo.

Yasuo?s powerful abilities all use his skill of the sword and the mastery of the powerful element of wind. The highlights of his abilities include Steel Tempest, a powerful ability that sees Yasuo thrust in a line towards his enemies with the potential to cause additional damage with a whirlwind and his ultimate, Last Breath. Yasuo’s most powerful ability teleports him to a nearby airborne champion, suspending them in mid-air while he deals severe damage in short bursts.

The new Champion reveal trailer has been released, you can feast your eyes below:

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