Things Are Heating Up For Dragons And Titans

Independent development studio Wyrmbyte, today announced an exciting selection of fixes, improvements and new additions to the fast-paced MOBA game world of Dragons And Titans. One of the biggest complaints from the community during the beta phase was the control system. Although it was easy enough to learn it did not share any similarities with the “MOBA norm”, leaving many players confused. Today marks the introduction of an entirely new control scheme that will give MOBA players a more familiar approach to movement and combat. The new control systme also allows players to strafe during combat and to fire while fleeing backwards.

The announcement follows the recent reveal of the Spring Season kick off event. Wyrmbyte have revealed that the prize pool has been updated to include a Gigabyte BRIX Gaming Ultra Compact PC and several AMD Radeon™ R7 200 Series Graphics Cards

And lastly, Wyrmbyte also announced the release of a brand new dragon. The undisputed kings of the polar seas, the Icemaul dragons, are now available in-game complete with incredibly powerful Hoarfrost and Ice Storm abilities. They excel in siege attack situations and boast one of the longest range abilities thus far. For more information on the new dragon check the video below.

Source: Press Release

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