Dragons and Titans Hellfire Package Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK and Plan of Attack have teamed up to offer fans of Dragons and Titans a Hellfire Package giveaway to help you along your journey in the game.  The Hellfire Package includes all of the following:  The Hellfire Dragon, Scourge of the Ashen Plains, a fearsome fighter and support dragon, complete with the Midnight Hellfire and Jade Hellfire skins, and Ulfberht, the Living Flame, an offensive weapon. Also in the pack are the Astaroth’s Guard and Hyperion’s Command avatars, 10 Epic War Marks and a pack of 10 random tier 1 Runes, and a massive potions pack including 25 of each Damage Increase, Refill Health, Refill Mana and Cooldown Reset potions.

[heading]How To Redeem  Your Gift Pack[/heading]1. Log in or Register for your MMO ATK account
2. Download Dragons and Titans from Steam
3. Once in the game, take your code from above and enter in the correct menu
4. Your items will appear in-game!

[heading]Dragons and Titans Gameplay[/heading]

Dragons and Titans Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans

You’d expect a game with a title like Dragons and Titans to be full of flame and fury. You’d expect that a MOBA meaning to compete with the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends would offer up some quality, and bring to the table something unique. You’d expect flying a dragon about the battlefield and raining fiery death on your foes would be exciting.

Unfortunately, in this case, you’d be wrong on pretty much all counts. While Dragons and Titans offers up a promising selection of different characters (if it’s ever once been called a dragon in lore, gaming, or mythology, it’s probably a part of this game’s cast), it doesn’t really do much with them. Yes, every dragon has a unique set of mechanics and a completely unique appearance associated with it. And yes, your rider can equip any of a number of different legendary weapons to add new abilities to their repertoire. Promising as all those ides are, though…they still don’t work in practice.

The problem that lies at the core of Dragons and Titans is that it oozes mediocrity. For one, the gameplay simply isn’t all that exciting. Even the fastest dragons feel slow, cumbersome, and awkward, flying about lazily as you direct them in battle. As though to compensate for this, the AI in single-player missions is thoroughly incompetent, requiring absolutely no effort to take down.

It doesn’t help that the game’s ugly as sin, plagued with a series of clunky, unintuitive interfaces. To be fair, neither League of Legends nor the original Dota looked particularly stunning when they came out, but both titles looked better than this. Choosing my dragon and weapon felt like a constant struggle, and when I finally got into the game, the controls continued to present a significant problem.

Even all that mediocrity might be tolerable, were it not for the fact that everything – including upgrades – can be purchased with real money, adding an irksome ‘pay to win’ aspect to the game.

Virtually the only area in which Dragons and Titans doesn’t seem to fall short is its matchmaking system, which allows players to pre-select their roles before they find their way into a game. It’s a welcome addition, and one which would thoroughly mitigate many of the problems with Dota 2 and League of Legends. Unfortunately, that’s hardly enough to redeem the game’s other faults.

If the idea of roaring into battle on the back of a dragon excites you, look elsewhere. Clumsy mechanics, poorly-designed interfaces, and a healthy dose of pay-to-win makes this halfhearted entry into the genre one to avoid.

For players new to competitive online games, Dragons and Titans is quick and simple to learn. At this point in the game, there are over 30 unique dragons to control and 30 different weapons for each match. Even the most veteran MOBA player will find something new to master. Choose between multiple game modes: *5v5 PvP Battles *Team Co-Op *Single Player A new weapon or dragon is introduced to the game every week.

Dragons and Titans Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Dragons and Titans is a brand new MOBA game from Wyrmbyte.  The game features fast paced action with classic RPG elements. There are over 30 unique dragons and 30 legendary weapons which can both be upgraded to unlock more power. 

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Dragons and Titans, Trove, a League Suicide and more! | The Daily XP March 13th

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Today on the Daily XP:
Trove Developers Pay Homage to Minecraft and ‘Clones’ | [timer]50[/timer]
New MOBA, Dragons and Titans, Finds Its Way to Steam | [timer]85[/timer]
Another League of Legends eSports Scandal Tarnishes the Scene | [timer]126[/timer]

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Whenever a new voxel based game is revealed, it’s inevitable
that people will accuse the developers of trying to emulate Minecraft’s
success.  Just like every new MOBA ever
mentioned gets cries for copying Dota and LoL. Trion Worlds, the developer of
the upcoming free to play voxel game, Trove, has responded, and quite well I
might add, to such accusations.  During a
recent interview, Andre Krausnick of Trion Worlds, said ‘Cubic voxel style
games like Minecraft aren’t just a game or two anymore; they’re undeniably a
growing genre.  Every single one of these
games, including Trove, owes a debt to Minecraft for showing how much fun it
could be to play with cubes.  Once you
get into the game, I think you’ll see how different we are’.  Minecraft is just a direct rip-off of LEGO
anyways.  Prepare your pitchforks!

Oh, and here we are announcing a new MOBA game, A DIRECT
RIP-OFF OF LEAGUE!  Just kidding!  Wyrmbyte’s Dragons and Titans offers a unique
spin on the traditional MMO formula with a mounted combat, RPG elements, a
single player campaign, the ability to improve weapons via the forge, and
upgrading your dragons.  Dragons and
Titans is aimed at more casual players, with an average game length of about
10-15 minutes, a variety of game modes and the previously mentioned, single
player campaigns.  You can check the game
out on Steam right now!

A shocking insight into the dark underbelly of eSports was unexpectedly
revealed as a pro League player talked about details on match fixing before
attempting to commit suicide.  Cheon ‘Promise’
Min-ki of AHQ Korea posted a message on the teams Facebook page, which accuses
their coach of asking the team to intentionally lose matches at the OGN
tournament.  As eSports is becoming more
and more mainstream, its stories like this that undoubtedly tarnish the sport,
but we’d be silly to think that large organizations like the NBA and NFL didn’t
have hardships such as these in their beginnings.  For your information, the player in question
is recovering in a hospital in Korea, we wish him a speedy recovery.

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