Tokyo Game Show Preview

Tokyo Game Show 2012 is set to begin this Thursday at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, Japan. The game expo will run its invite only operations for business purposes the first two days before opening to the general public until the expo ends Sunday, September 23. Since its launch in 1996, the Tokyo Game Show has become one of the biggest in the world.

Major publishers have already begun hinting at what?s in store, slowly releasing announcements in the days prior to the expo being underway. The most significant of the announcements comes from Tecmo Koei who will reveal a lineup of new titles. Most of these endeavors are sequels to familiar favorites (Dead or Alive 5, Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires, Fist of the North Star: Ken?s Rage 2).

The most highlighted game for Tecmo however might be the Wii U launch title: Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. Team Ninja is posed to make some of the announcements. Currently they are hyping the upcoming announcement of an unknown new game along with info on the development of Dead or Alive 5, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor?s Edge, and Metroid: Other M.

There is sure to be huge news in the coming days with big names like Square Enix, Sony, Microsoft and Konami keeping a tight lid on most announcements. The show boasts trailers, in house demos and most importantly the debut of new games. The Tokyo Gaming Show has something to offer everyone, including a designated overseas pavilion for showcasing foreign developers along with even a kid?s area for younger content and interactive experiences.

The biggest attraction is the developer?s area where most big announcements will be made throughout the event. Don?t like standing in one spot though? Head over to the mobile content booths too where one can find portable platforms that fit their ?show on the go? mentality. Not everything is about the games themselves though. The Tokyo Gaming Show presents a game school area for those looking to become more involved. The booths feature a number of schools and programs that could be perfect for someone looking to make the leap into the gaming industry. Last but certainly not least is the sales area, where everyone is sure to stop at some point to pick up their geek related mementos.

Lesser known companies like GREE, who are expanding in the area of social and mobile games, are set to make a big splash at the convention. GREE intends to have 17 partner titles available for the trade show, along with 16 originals of their own. Founder and chief executive Yoshikazu Tanaka will present the later portion of the Thursday?s forum at the Tokyo Game Show which will cover ?Smart Devices and the Evolution of Social Gaming.? Feel free to scroll down to see the current list of announced GREE titles.

Whether you have been to a gaming convention or not the Tokyo Gaming Show is sure to be fully entertaining. Even if it?s only for a few days, these events clearly give people a chance to be part of an amazing culture. You get to spend time with people that show equal excitement in the thing you love. With booth babes dressed as popular game characters and a number of releases for every gamer to look forward to, the Tokyo Gaming Show is sure to be a diverse and unique experience that any gamer would remember.

A list of upcoming GREE releases (originals in bold)

Animal Days, Aqua Arcadia, Assassin’s Creed: Utopia, Bahamut Brave, Be My Princess for GREE, Bleach Soul Masters, Dragon Ark, ?Dragon Tactics, Dragon Collection, Driland, Lost in Stars, Emperors SaGa, FIFA World Class Soccer, Gang Domination, Hyakuman nin no Winning Post, Idol ? J@M,? Knight Legends, Manteka Hero, Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, Million Derby, Monpla Smash, Monster Hunter Massive Hunting, Naruto: Ninja Masters, Petit ? Planet, Puffy Puppy, Resident Evil Vs, Sengoku Frontier, Summonnight Collection – Tales of Card Evolve, Toy Cafe, Wacky Motors, Wacky Pilots, and War Corps.

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