Battlestar Galactica Online Releases A New "Battlespace Sector" For Beginner Players

Battlestar Galactica Online has released a new PvP ?Battlespace Sector? in the game that is exclusive to players who are level nine and below. Players are able to access the Battlespace as soon as the character is done being created. They wanted to create a place where players did not have to worry about the higher level players when wanting to try out the PvP aspect.

They have also added some features to the game that are available for everyone as well including advanced flight controls. It allows players to fly freely in space including an upside down motion as well. There are also some system upgrade discounts available. These will affect: Engines, Weapons, Computers, and Hulls. There has also been some updates on gameplay that include all cylon and colonial escorts having the same sized blind spots. There will be a ?hold is full? alert to warn players that when trying to loot that their hold is too full. Last but not least, the weapons platform will drop cubits as it had before.

Not only did they add additions, they also fixed a lot of bugs and some known issues as well. If you want the full list, check out their blog post on the Forum.

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