Top 10 Free-to-Play MMO Games For Mobile Devices

The growing trend of MMORPG obsession knows no bounds. Players will occasionally jump into a massive online world, but those who become dedicated end up spending most of their free time in front of a computer screen. It gets so bad that people neglect real life responsibilities just because they don?t want to fall behind. Luckily, there are developers with a mission to give players their favorite genre of gaming wherever they go. This is also useful if you are looking to play mmo on time constraints. That?s why today we will be looking at the Top 10 best mobile titles in MMO gaming.

You don?t need to be obsessed with MMOs to enjoy these neat handheld creations. In fact, many titles aim to bring a population of smartphone users to a gaming genre they may have avoided. Mobile gaming may not be able to handle as many of the graphics and interactions as normal MMORPGs, but smooth gameplay and a good story will goes a long way when it fits in your pocket. Check out some of these great mobile MMOs that are currently free-to-play on your tablet and phone.
[heading]10. Warspear Online[/heading]

The slow paced movement of Warspear definitely limits its success, but the classic gameplay will appeal to a number of MMORPG fans. Slowness doesn?t always hurt the game either. Unlike other mobile MMOs, you won?t see much animated chaos flying around. Don?t expect to see any indistinguishable explosions spamming your screen in this mobile game. Instead, relax and take on a large list of missions at your choosing. Warspear can be played in both portrait and landscape layouts, and updates for the game have been to be consistently steady. Developers continue to support this mobile title by adding new content to the cash shop, augmenting graphics and sound, and improving the interactions players experience through questing. Warspear may not be for everyone, but its positive qualities and supportive fan base definitely justify it landing on this list.
[heading]9. Avatar Fight[/heading]
You won’t find many MMORPGs like Avatar Fight on your mobile device. This game is always getting new content, which is great for a title that keeps making you come back for more. Avatar Fight is known to be extremely addictive. Smooth graphics deliver a lively feel in a game that features arena battles. Players utilizing a series of pets, armors, and weaponry to undertake specific paths toward mobile victory. Plenty of gamers partake in Avatar Fight, making guild creation a simple process. The focus of this game is primarily on the interactions between guilds and the players that they’re composed of. PvP is a huge factor in this MMO, and Guild wars are definitely the most exciting form of it. The game is so competitive that it may be hard to tell who’s really working toward your cause in such a massive world. Players can become spies in each other guilds and even rule certain areas. Avatar Fight is definitely a good place to start for gamers looking for some solid mobile MMOs.
[heading]8. Life is Magic[/heading]
Mobile devices provide people with numerous ways to connect from endless locations. Life is Magic will put different areas to good use in this location based MMO. Most location based games have pretty basic maps. Life is Magic uses the GPS on your mobile device to create a cartoon rendition of the world around you. Instead of getting boring recreations of what you?d find on Google Maps, developers have created their own transition style which transforms real life buildings into in-game structures. An example would be passing your local Dunkin Donuts but having it appear as a usable Tavern in your game. Players will draw on their screens to cast turn-based spells against enemies. The animations for magic effects in battle are superb. Learning Life is Magic may be a grind at first, but mastering techniques will quickly force the game to pick up pace. Find the right combination of spells and you?ll be on your way to victory in one of the best location-based mobile games available. The fact that it?s free to play certainly doesn?t hurt either.
[heading]7. The Infinite Black[/heading]
The Infinite Black is still in beta but is definitely worth consideration. The free to play space MMO is constantly evolving and will ultimately make its way toward a successful, full release at some point in the future. Players will hop into their choice of twenty different uniquely customizable spaceships as they venture through an open-ended sandbox universe. Players will come across thousands of other online gamers, each working toward their own personal goals. Social interactions, economic ideals, and battle strategy will all take part in molding your one of a kind character. Thousands of achievements are already in place to reward player accomplishments. These rewards definitely motivate players to stay competitive throughout their adventures; whether it be to reach the top of the leaderboards or just succeed in massive fleet verse fleet battles. Players can expect some changes and development with this MMO being in beta. If you want to be the next Alliance Overlord that’s going to protect mankind from throngs of invading aliens though, then you need to get The Infinite Black on your mobile device, pronto.
[heading]6. The World of Magic[/heading]
Combat may be a bit slow at times in this mobile MMO, but that wont stop it from keeping players interested. The World of Magic has a laid back style of play but gives players a true MMORPG experience. After jumping into this mobile world, players will be able to interact with hundreds of other characters, some being real gamers and others being NPCs. It will take you a while to run out of all the content The World of Magic has to offer. This is one mobile MMORPG that shows true reciprocity for dedication. Controls in this detailed cartoon world are simple and work well with the games combat system. The community is also something to look forward to. Higher level players can even help newbies progress faster by luring big experience mobs toward lower level areas. The World of Magic is fantastic MMORPG that?s a must-have for anyone interested in mobile gaming.
[heading]5. Book of Heroes[/heading]
The fantastic storyline and balanced gameplay in this trading card game style MMO is a great find. Book of Heroes provides players with that typical rags to riches journey of a hero, in a good way. If you want a mobile game with solid player collaboration and brilliant story writing, you want to check out Book of Heroes. Players will take on tons of monsters in their search for prized rewards. Gear can be customized by unlocking slots, and despite some cash features, the pay-to-win model isn’t present until being truly dedicated to the game. Battles will flow nicely, maybe even too nicely for some competitive gamers. Let’s just say you can be happy not to find any mindless clicking in this turn-based mobile MMORPG. Characters will be able to take part in humongous raids with a handful of other players, and still have the option to take on plenty of solo adventures in their leisure. Like many online titles, Book of Heroes does have its grinding moments. That being said, this game has plenty of feature that you won’t find in other mobile titles, making it a great find for fans of the MMO genre.
[heading]4. TibiaMe[/heading]
What a great mobile title. TibiaMe will make you feel like you did with your first mobile endeavor. Whether it be back during the reign of gameboys or more recently when you got your first smartphone, TibiaMe will deliver a wonderful new adventure to anyone willing. The game has been online since 2003, which is the world record for a mobile game. In-depth gameplay and retro graphics keep this MMO explosively fun, yet delightfully simple. Controls are relatively easy to use for mobile game too. Getting around in this cross-platform fantasy MMORPG is a breeze. With thousands of players partaking in the same world, friendships will form themselves as people team up to take on vicious monsters. Players will hunt down thousands of items with their own fully customizable character. TibiaMe’s amazing track record and regular updates will continue to make it one of the best MMO titles available on mobile devices.

[heading]3. Arcane Legends (Legends Series)[/heading]

The series made famous by Spacetime Studios has had its ups and downs over the years, delivering games like Pocket Legends and Star Legends. Pocket Legends was a grind fest turned grind fest with options. Despite its flaws, it definitely provided players with a good amount of play time each day. Star Legends (which is essentially Pocket Legends in space) and Dark Legends (an adult vampire themed version of the games) achieves bringing the same benefits as their predecessor while instilling special new memories.

Not to long ago, Sapcetime Studios released their newest title in the series, Arcane Legends. This is the game that justifies a number four spot. The bright and happy experience is something only Goth high school students would find off-putting. The newest installment finds a way to roll all the best mechanics from previous titles into one mobile ball of fun. Players can stay on the game for hours, but it?s just as good if you?re looking to pass the time.

Cash shops in Arcane Legends are very fair and don?t create an unbalanced game like other MMO titles. The biggest accomplishment in the mobile MMO series is the successful grouping system. Players will automatically be thrown into parties instead of needing to organize one themselves. Mobile games are supposed to fit our busy schedules, and finding a party can take forever in an MMO. Luckily, Arcane Legends groups players together as fast as possible to achieve one of the most compelling mobile MMOs available. The ability to enter and leave a game whenever you want is exactly what keeps Arcane Legends from becoming another boring mobile endeavor.

[heading]2. Parallel Kingdoms (Parallel Series)[/heading]

Developers at PerBlue have made quite a name for themselves in the mobile gaming genre. Honorable mentions go to Parallel Zombies for providing a fun action based shooter, and Parallel Mafia for its heavy focus on PvP encounters. Sticking with the theme of other games on this list, we will focus on the location-based MMORPG, Parallel Kingom.
Parallel Kingdom innovates the way gaming interacts with an unstoppable mobile industry. This inventive MMORPG uses a players coordinates and disperses items around their unique location. Players will utilize these items to gain levels and build their contributing resources. As a location based MMO, gamers can even team up with nearby individuals to help take down an assortment of vicious creatures, such as dragons. Parallel Kingdom is easy to get into because of its helpful player base, a glorious perk of the MMO gaming genre.
There are very few downsides to this brilliant series of MMO titles. The things they suffer from most are the typical mobile limitations, like buttons being a bit too small for some people to use comfortably. You can’t beat Parallel Kingdoms when it comes to needing something for a boring waiting room or your daily trip on the bus. You may not play this game forever, but PerBlue is making it very possible for fans of mobile MMOs to never be bored again.

[heading]1. Order and Chaos Online[/heading]

Go to any website on the internet that has covered Order and Chaos Online, and you will find the exact same analogy. This MMORPG is a World of Warcraft clone. Most online gamers will have a good idea of the level of enjoyment they?ll get from Order and Chaos Online. The open world, large player base, and catalog of quests will be exactly what WoW fans are looking for in a mobile MMO game. The game is also cheaper and less complex than World of Warcraft, making it a bit more inviting to anyone not partaking in the world of Azeroth.
MMORPGs on mobile platforms continue to have their limits. Luckily players can look forward to impressive combat and frequent updates in Order and Chaos Online. This MMO is your best option in recreating the norms of typical PC gaming. It is also a great way for people to experience a reliable online game for very little. The game used to have a monthly subscription model, but now it?s free to play! The game does cost $6.99, but that’s an affordable price for the amount of satisfaction you’ll be getting. This is why Order and Chaos Online tops our mobile MMO list. After the unbeatably cost effective transition of this title went through, Gameloft has delivered an accomplished MMORPG for mobile devices. This finally lets a player take their favorite game wherever they want.

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