TibiaME is a cross-platform fantasy MMORPG where you join up with your friends to fight against dangerous monster in the colorful unique world of TibiaME. TibiaME stands for Tibia Micro Edition, as it is the mobile version of the game Tibia, which has been around since 2003. The game features two different vocations to choose from, the Wizard and the Warrior, which you will use to battle the evil that threatens the peaceful people of Aurea.

TibiaME still features a large number of active players even though the game has been around for so long. Although the game is free to play, they do have a subscription plan for players who want a premium account. The game is most popular in Eastern Europe and the Far East, however a large number of English players have also migrated to the game due to the constant updates and old school MMO feel.

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