Top 5 MMO Games We Want To See On Next-Gen Consoles

With everyone expecting massive announcements from Sony and Microsoft at E3, MMOAttack takes a look at some of the biggest MMO games that we want to see available on next-generation consoles. Whether these are already established as PC titles or just rumors as potential additions to next-generation, the excitement surrounding each game is what brings it to the Top 5 MMO games we want to see next-gen.

5. Dragon’s Prophet

Having only just finished a sketchy closed beta testing period many are probably surprised to see this game on our top 5. Although I was limited to the time I was able to spend in-game I was unable to ignore the potential of this latest MMO from Sony Online Entertainment. Adding a variety of features from your regular MMO title and adding them to an incredibly in-depth pet system is a recipe very few developers have been able to master.

Short of a Pokemon MMO, I think this is the closest fans will get to a pet-driven online experience. The ability to capture your own dragons, raise them and use them in battle is exciting enough without the additional benefits of crafting, mounts and companionship on the battlefield.

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This one is more a genre choice than a specific game but after thinking about it, I think SMITE would be the best opportunity for the MOBA genre to hit mainstream console players. Although other MOBA games boast a far bigger player base, far more content and a more established competitive scene; the familiarity of the third-person perspective would appeal more to most console users than the traditional isometric approach.

Adding potentially millions of players to any game would result in extra content at a quicker pace and I couldn’t think of anything better for SMITE in its current state. Sadly I think we’re still well beyond the ability of PC and console users playing alongside one another in mainstream games but in terms of breaking into the console market, SMITE has what it takes.

3. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 continues to dominate the MMORPG market with critically acclaimed updates, fan-favorite events and perfected core features. ArenaNet’s latest MMO project took the building blocks from the original Guild Wars title and combined them with practically every exciting feature seen in the genre. The final product has become one of the most loved MMO titles on the market today.

Whether you enjoy the social connectivity, the endless list of quests and public events, or the incredibly detailed character progression, it’s almost impossible to deny the quality on display in Guild Wars 2.

2. Destiny

Despite the lack of any serious game play footage Bungie’s Destiny is already one of the most anticipated additions to the next-generation games lineup. It’s unique on this list as it’s the only game officially confirmed as a next-generation title and although Bungie are attempting to avoid mentioning the term “MMO”, it’s very clear that it has all of the staple features needed to be considered a game in the genre.

Earth has all been wiped out. All that remains is a final city resting beneath the watchful eye of the Traveler. Create a unique and powerful character as you discover a world filled with an intriguing story, competitive game-play and trademark Bungie awesomeness. One of the features I found most intriguing was the addition of a third-person aspect that players can use in safe zones to communicate with others while shopping and repairing.

We’re expecting some big news at E3 but if you want to check out the latest trailer you can do so here.

1. DayZ Standalone

You can’t be surprised to see the highly anticipated DayZ Standalone take the top spot. Ever since the original mod released for ARMA II fans have flocked to the creation of Dean Hall thanks to its unique twist on the zombie apocalypse genre. Offering a new take on survivability, a truly hostile game world and dozens of starving hordes, the original DayZ was responsible for thousands upon thousands of revenue dollars for Bohemia Interactive.

It didn’t take long for the ARMA II developers to contact Dean about a standalone product and it has been in full swing ever since. Brand new game features, MMO server architecture and character customization are just some of the exciting new aspects coming with the standalone product. During an interview shortly after the announcement of the standalone product Dean Hall stated that Sony had expressed great interest in having the game as a potential Playstation 4 title. I think there’s probably 5 million players that would express the same interest as Sony.

Some of the latest DayZ Standalone news includes the reveal of the games pricing model. You can check it out here.

The lack of MMO presence on today’s consoles hasn’t gone unnoticed and thousands of players are hoping the big names take advantage of this gap in the market. It won’t be easy, the core features of most MMO titles wouldn’t port to consoles without a redesign. However, the fans and potential are there. What MMO titles would you like to see added to next-generation consoles?

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