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Welcome back to another edition of the top played Dota 2 heroes.  This time we’re breaking down June 2014, the start to the build up for the international dota 2 championships, which are coming later this month at the key arena in seattle from July 18th through 21st.   You can hear the excitement in my voice right?  Right?!?!

It will be interesting to see how the qualifiers and the championships effect these rankings, as many players inevitably will start playing heroes they normally wouldn’t, based on what the pros are playing.  Anyways, let’s break down what heroes were the most played for June 2014.

[heading]10. Drow Ranger[/heading]At tenth place this month is Drow Ranger.  Drow slipped a bit this month in both amount of games played, as well as her winning percentage and kill to death ratio, which by the way is one of the lowest in the game at 1.8 kill for every death.  Drow has always been high in this chart and there’s no reason to think she won’t continue to show her beautiful frosty face in the months to come.

[heading]9. Faceless Void[/heading]Faceless Void makes his first appearance since we started doing these videos 4 months ago.  Void has always been a menace in the game, and I’ve definitely notice his appearance more often than not.  He enjoyed a relatively even win rate at just under 52% and about an average kill to death ratio at 2.54.

[heading]8. Riki[/heading]Riki comes in at 8, he’s another hero that has made our top ten list in each month we’ve done it.  He’s down from his low of 5th place of March but enjoys the highest kill to death ratio of anyone in the top ten at 2.92%.  That’s a difficult way to determine his value, as being invis is a HUGE help in ganking and escaping from death.

[heading]7. Axe[/heading]Axe at 7 is another we’ve seen many times on the list.  Makes me wonder why Dota 2 heroes change so infrequently, while League champions, change much more often.  If anyone has any ideas on why that is, leave them in the comments below, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

[heading]6. Phantom Assassin[/heading]Phantom Assassin drops in at number 6.  She first made an appearance last month, after the changes in the Spring Cleaning update.  I had thought that some of her changes, like stifling dagger cooldown reduced and increased evasion chance, made her even more popular than she was before.  Looks like I was right, as she comes down from 9th to 6th place this month.

[heading]5. Bloodseeker[/heading]Next up is Bloodseeker, who has been very steady on this list.  With the last three months looking like, 6, 6, 5 and 5 again, he’s slowly getting played more often not.  However, he’s still almost a million matches played behind breaking into the overplayed 4, who I’ll get into now.

[heading]The Top 4[/heading]The overplayed 4, Mirana, Invoker, Sniper and Pudge, have been the same, in the same order, everytime we’ve done this video.  Like I said earlier, I’d love to hear your thoughts on why you think they never change?  And why League champions change much more frequently.  Pudge and Invokers win rate leave me to wonder why they are played so much, they are both within the bottom third of winning percentage.  People just keep trudging them out there and keep losing.  My thoughts are that people know how powerful these heroes can get if played correctly and/or fed early, but it’s harder than it looks to get done.

Anyways, there’s the list, not much change from last month, 9 of the 10 remain in the list, and 5 of them in the same order.  Leave this video a like, a subscribe and comment below.  Also share if you’re so inclined.  See you guys next month, after The International Championships!

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