Trinium Wars Gets Largest Update Since Early Access Launch

Hanmarusoft today announced that the science-fiction MMORPG Trinium Wars has received its largest update since launching under Steam Early Access as the Puton Conflict update introduces a ton of new content including a brand new area, loads of new quests and an increase to the level cap up to level 40.

The new area, Puton, is open for exploration to all players once they reach level 30. The new quests follow an intriguing story of sabotage, treachery and deadly new enemies in the form of giant monkeys. To support the new quests players are now able to reach level 40 with plenty of new items and weaponry available to support the new level cap.

The team also announced today that they will soon be launching a Resource War event that will take place every Saturday – inviting up to 1000 players to compete against each other with rare and valuable resources up for grabs. Trinium Wars is also available on Steam at a 50% discount for this week.

Source: Press Release

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