Trion Worlds Introduce New ArcheAge Events Ahead Of Level Cap Increase

Trion Worlds today released the latest patch for the increasingly popular sandbox MMO ArcheAge, preparing players for the upcoming level cap increase with a series of exciting in-game events. The team recently announced that February will be a month of preparation for the ArcheAge community as the developers aim to release minor updates and launch special events aimed at gearing players with higher level and higher quality items, to prepare for a large upcoming update that will increase the level cap from its current limit to level 55.

One of the in-game events is a new Divine Gifts reward system. Every 30 minutes that a player is logged into ArcheAge they will notice a flashing icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once clicked this gives the player a Divine Gift Package, with a maximum of 10 Divine Gifts available for each player to collect per day. Divine Gifts, once opened, can reward players with Sun, Moon and Star Points, bound food, special potions, fireworks, Lunarites, Hereafter Stones and Any-Post Owls – among other rewards.

The patch notes come complete with a vast array of small adjustments to the game and some information on other small in-game events scheduled to take place throughout February. You can check out the notes in full below.

Source: Patch Notes

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