Trove Developers Pay Homage To Minecraft

Whenever a new voxel based game is revealed its inevitable that certain people accuse the developers of attempting to emulate Minecraft’s success but Trion Worlds, developers of upcoming free-to-play voxel game Trove, today responded to such accusations. During a recent interview with Trion Worlds’ Andrew Krausnick he responded directly to critics that have suggested the developers are attempting to copy various ingredients that led to the massive success of Minecraft, while also paying homage to the success of Mojang’s premier title.

Cubic voxel style games like Minecraft aren’t just a game or two
anymore; they’re undeniably a growing genre. Every single one of these
games, including Trove, owes a debt to Minecraft for showing how much
fun it could be to play with cubes. Once you get into the game, I think
you’ll see how different we are.

Trion Worlds have revealed some elements of Trove in the past, many of which have never before been used in a voxel based game. RPG like character progression, the ability to “complete” worlds and move on to the next challenge and the easy access to multiplayer with players from around the world.

We’re still waiting on an official announcement regarding release but interested players can still sign up on the official website to participate in alpha.

Source: VG247

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