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Today on the Daily XP:
Trove Developers Pay Homage to Minecraft and ‘Clones’ | [timer]50[/timer]
New MOBA, Dragons and Titans, Finds Its Way to Steam | [timer]85[/timer]
Another League of Legends eSports Scandal Tarnishes the Scene | [timer]126[/timer]

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Whenever a new voxel based game is revealed, it’s inevitable
that people will accuse the developers of trying to emulate Minecraft’s
success.  Just like every new MOBA ever
mentioned gets cries for copying Dota and LoL. Trion Worlds, the developer of
the upcoming free to play voxel game, Trove, has responded, and quite well I
might add, to such accusations.  During a
recent interview, Andre Krausnick of Trion Worlds, said ‘Cubic voxel style
games like Minecraft aren’t just a game or two anymore; they’re undeniably a
growing genre.  Every single one of these
games, including Trove, owes a debt to Minecraft for showing how much fun it
could be to play with cubes.  Once you
get into the game, I think you’ll see how different we are’.  Minecraft is just a direct rip-off of LEGO
anyways.  Prepare your pitchforks!

Oh, and here we are announcing a new MOBA game, A DIRECT
RIP-OFF OF LEAGUE!  Just kidding!  Wyrmbyte’s Dragons and Titans offers a unique
spin on the traditional MMO formula with a mounted combat, RPG elements, a
single player campaign, the ability to improve weapons via the forge, and
upgrading your dragons.  Dragons and
Titans is aimed at more casual players, with an average game length of about
10-15 minutes, a variety of game modes and the previously mentioned, single
player campaigns.  You can check the game
out on Steam right now!

A shocking insight into the dark underbelly of eSports was unexpectedly
revealed as a pro League player talked about details on match fixing before
attempting to commit suicide.  Cheon ‘Promise’
Min-ki of AHQ Korea posted a message on the teams Facebook page, which accuses
their coach of asking the team to intentionally lose matches at the OGN
tournament.  As eSports is becoming more
and more mainstream, its stories like this that undoubtedly tarnish the sport,
but we’d be silly to think that large organizations like the NBA and NFL didn’t
have hardships such as these in their beginnings.  For your information, the player in question
is recovering in a hospital in Korea, we wish him a speedy recovery.

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