Dragons And Titans Latest Title To Join The MOBA Race

The constantly growing world of the free-to-play MOBA genre adds another title to its ranks today with the official release of Wyrmbyte’s Dragons And Titans. The game offers a unique spin on the traditional MMO formula with its mounted-combat style approach to combat with an impressive list of over 30 unique dragons to choose from. Other customization options come into play, offering an additional level of depth through the unlocking and equipping of different weapons and abilities.

The game is now available to play on both PC and Mac platforms and can be downloaded through Valve’s digital distribution service on Steam.

“Dragons and Titans brings
a totally new adventure to the MOBA scene and we love how Wyrmbyte has
developed something unique for this space, “ said Steve Escalante,
General Manager, Versus Evil. “We feel the addition of RPG elements such
as single player campaigns, improving weapons in the forge and
upgrading your Dragons are fun additions to a MOBA and can’t wait for
gamers to experience it.  Dragons and Titans is great a indie title and
another good example of an independent game studio developing the game
they want to make.”

team are big fans of online competitive games, but we wanted a faster
match experience that would let us play several matches over lunch,
rather than just one long one” said Scott Brown, President of Wyrmbyte.
“We are also big dragon fans here and saw an opportunity to build a new
type of MOBA game around this mythical creature.  This is how Dragons and Titans was
born and the game has evolved from that basic concept into a unique
type of MOBA with a variety of game play options.  We are committed to
adding a lot of great new content regularly, long after it has

As well as a few unique twists on progression and gameplay Dragons and Titans also offers more appeal for casual players as the average game length is roughly 10-15 minutes, making it far easier for busy gamers to commit to entire matches that don’t stretch out to 45-60 minutes like other MOBA titles. Dragons and Titans also supports a variety of different modes including the traditional MOBA 5v5 PvP and the lesser featured Co-op and single player campaigns.

The launch also sees the release of 3 starter packs available on Steam, each complete with their own selection of in-game goodies. The prices range from $14.99 ( €13.99) for the Basic package up to $49.99 (€45.99() for the Elite package. For more information on the starter packs, or to download Dragons and Titans, check out the official Steam page.


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