Two Pro Gamers Quit Following False Accusations Of Hacking Against Female Gamer

A 17-year-old female gamer that goes by the name of Gegury has silenced her accusers today following accusations made at the Nexus Cup qualifying matches for Overwatch. Blizzard’s record-breaking online FPS title has already amassed a huge following in the eSports scene, Gegury being one that boasted a massively impressive win rate of 80% over 420 games when playing as Zarya.

Her near flawless performance match after match prompted some to feel she was gaining victories in an illegitimate fashion, using hacking tools to defeat her opponents. The accusations that came from two pro gamers prompted Blizzard Korea to look into the problem directly. They later cleared Gegury of any wrongdoings after she took to the stage and live-streamed her abilities with everything plain to see.

The information comes from a post on Reddit from user Calycae, who goes on to say that the two pro gamers that originally accused Gegury of the hacking said they would quit if it turns out she was legit. Well, that same user confirmed that both have now quit as promised.

You can check Gegury’s unreal level of skill at the helm of Zarya in the video below:

[오버워치] UW Artisan 게구리 개인화면 플레이(overwatch)

Would you accuse her of hacking? Leave your thoughts below.

Source: Reddit

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