Ubisoft Announce Exciting Easter Events For Anno & Settlers

Earlier today Ubisoft and Blue Byte revealed some exciting Easter themed events heading to the two increasingly popular free MMORTS games, Settlers & Anno Online. Anno Online sees the introduction of 3 new quest chains that promise to reward players with Easter eggs and special Easter experience points. The Easter egg rewards can be exchanged for special buildings exclusive to the holidays including a Barn and Henhouse. A new Easter Treasure Hunter ship has also been introduced, offering a significant improvement on stats compared to the previously available Treasure Hunter ship, the new ship can be purchased with Easter egs.

10 new achievements have also be launched alongside the event with additional hidden achievements expected to arrive soon. The Easter Event begins later today and will run through until April 29th.

The yearly Easter rendez-vous event returns in The Settlers Online and with it, the funny gameplay moments and unique challenges that made last years event so popular. The vast landscapes of Settlers Online have been covered in a brand new resource; Easter eggs. A whopping 20 new quest chains have been introduced alongside 8 new adventures, each offering Easter eggs as potential rewards.  The Raving Rabbids Statue also returns, changing an islands wildlife to an army of endearing Rabbids, completing the celebrations in true Ubisoft style.

Source: Press Release

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