War Thunder – MMO Has Been Approved Through Steam

Gaijin Entertainment, a developer and publisher of multi-platform games, has announced that their military MMO, War Thunder, has been approved for distribution by Steam after having gone through the Steam Greenlight process.

The game focuses on the aircraft, armored vehicles and naval combat of World War II. It currently has three game modes that have characteristics unique to each. There are over 100 weaponry units as well.

The game is currently in Open Beta and there are new features being added continually. Over one million players have already played the game. In order to thank everyone who helped get the game approved, Gaijin is awarding +50% experience from February 27th until the end of today, February 28th. 

For more information about the major features of the game, visit their website: http://warthunder.com/en/game/features

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