Warface – Closed Beta Comes To An End

Crytek have just announced that the closed beta event for Warface is coming to a temporary end. The highly anticipated free-to-play MMOFPS game wowed audiences last year at the London based EuroGamer Expo, and it continued to impress fans in what the developers are calling a “highly successful closed beta event”.

Players have been hard at work delivering high-quality feedback and suggestions to developers Crytek, prompting an extended downtime scheduled for later today. Wednesday April 10ths at 17:00 PDT will see the Warface servers come down for an unannounced amount of time while the developers implement new features and polish the game in anticipation of the full release.

They have yet to release any information on what features may be added or improved during the downtime, and there’s no ETA for the return of the closed beta servers. For more information on Warface check out our official game page here.

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