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[/review]Warface is a free to play 3D military first person shooter game developed by world-renowned developer Crytek. The game uses the CryENGINE which makes it one of the best looking free MMOFPS games out there today. Warface provides gamers with a constantly updated extensive PVE universe full of dramatic multiplayer co-op missions that reward teamwork and individual skill and a full set of class based PVP for unmatched competitive play.

A unique element in Warface that’s not typically seen in a MMOFPS game is the co-operative missions. These act as a sort of daily quest, similar to the ones you find in your typical MMO. When you log in, you will be presented with new missions that you can take a team of you and your friends on the complete. Difficulty of the mission is increased on day of of release and will tone down as subsequent days pass. Crytek is hoping this model will keep playing logging in again and again.

Closed beta is currently on-going, with a release date set for sometime in 2013.

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