Warframe 7-Day Boost Key Giveaway

[keys id=134245]

MMO Attack and Digital Extremes have teamed up to offer fans of Warframe on the PC a code that will give you a 7 day premium boost in the game to help you on your journey as a kick-ass space ninja!

*The keys the giveaway key is good for a 7-Day Resource Booster that
doubles the amount of resources earned from pickups.  The codes will work on the PC version of Warframe only!*

[heading]To redeem your Warframe PC code[heading]

1. Sign in to www.warframe.com/promocode. If you don’t have a Warframe
account yet, sign up at www.warframe.com
2. Enter your Code in the ‘Promo Code’ field and click ‘Submit’. The
item(s) will be activated on your account immediately. No need to Equip
3. Download/Start up Warframe and get your space ninja on!

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