Blizzard’s Hearthstone Heading To The Far East

Blizzard’s multi-award winning, critically acclaimed free-to-play MMOTCG game, Hearthstone, is all set and ready to conquer the shores of the Far East as the developers announce the release of a localized version for Japan. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese players are already enjoying the competitive bounties Hearthstone has to offer, but previously they are restricted to other languages supported by the game.

Blizzard have released a localized version for Japanese players and soon they plan to extend that support to other countries in the region including Korea, Taiwan and other Asian territories.

[quote cite=”Hearthstone”]Now it’s your turn to take one of the epic Warcraft heroes to an all-new battlefield. Customizable decks filled with potent spells, heroic weapons, and powerful minions are yours to command. Prove your prowess in one of Hearthstone’s exciting game modes: Battle your way up the Ranked Play ladder, prove your deck building mettle in the Arena, experience a different set of rules each week with Tavern Brawl, or win new cards in Adventures by battling unique and powerful AI opponents. [/quote]

Interested players, or those wanting to face the challenge of registering in Japanese with no knowledge of the language, are invited to explore the new promotional site here.

Source: Official Website

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