Wartune Review


You are one of Balenor’s greatest warriors fighting to stop the evil God, Yaros and his evil forces from taking over the lands. You start off wandering the lands before becoming the ruler of a great city which you use as a base to launch missions from. It is your duty to become the saviour of Balenor, to defeat Yaros’ minions who spawn from the Void, and reclaim the world for the human race. Along the way you will travel both ravaged and beautiful lands, face formidable foes warped by the Void’s power and slay many of Yaros’ lieutenants before facing the great beast himself.


Wartune has three classes to choose from. The knight is the classic tank and leans on high defence and HP to get through fights. The archer is a balanced character with equal attack and defence, he uses a high critical rate as a speciality. The mage is the damage dealer, kicking out massive damage and also heals. All classes are highly customisable in regards to stats.

Along with your hero you have troops that fight beside you. Troop types are unlocks every ten levels. You can fight alongside lancers, hunters, priests, paladins, gryphons, knights and angels. These troops can be levelled up and stats can be customised.

Wartune’s battle system is turn based. We have seen this on many previous games but what makes Wartune unique is its QTE function which provides a player with the chance to increase the power of a selected skill by pressing a string of keys in a limited time.

A player can run campaigns which are single player dungeons. To proceed through these a player clicks on the floor to move and runs into enemy monsters to initiate battle. At the end of a campaign is a boss fight. Players can also do multiplayer dungeons in which four people team up to run a campaign.

PvP is a massive part of the game and highly enjoyable. Players can versus each other 1vs1 in the single player arena to advance rank in hopes of becoming number one on the rankings board. Or once a day for an players can team up to play a 3vs3 arena to win insignia which buy special arena armour.

People familiar with Farmville will delight at the farm feature in Wartune. Add friends to farm you friends farms and your friends will in turn help keep your farm going. Strangely you can plant seeds which sprout gold and experience amongst other things!

The Forgotten Catacombs (known also as the Crypt) are a test of strength that has 100 floors to beat. The more floors of the catacombs you do the stronger you are. You can do this 2 times a day. The Crypt gives tokens which can be spent on gear.

Players can do bounties twenty times a day. These bounties give masses of experience and gold. Bounties may include; apprehend villains, whack-a-mouse, QTE training, killing monsters and enchanting/synthesizing/refining items.

Wartune has many other intriguing features such as the Tree of Ancients, the Blacksmith, the Academy and Astral capturing. A whole engaging and vibrant world awaits for you to explore as you level up.

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