Return To Balenor In Wartune’s 5.5 Update


R2Games, one of the leading global publishers of free-to-play MMO games, today announced the release of the latest update for Wartune as the increasingly popular browser MMO welcomes the release of the 5.5 update. The Wartune client has now been updated to the 5.5 version which introduces a number of new elements and improvements aimed … Read more

World of Warcraft, RIFT, Wartune and more! – The Weekly Loot Ep. 54

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This week we discuss:
Wartune’s New Town Hall Functions | [timer]34[/timer] – Read
RIFT’s Storm Legion Free Trial | [timer]54[/timer] – Read
World of Warcraft’s Armored Bloodwing Mount | [timer]82[/timer] – Read
Face of Mankind An Odyssey | [timer]109[/timer] – Read
Infinite Crisis’ Cyborg Champion | [timer]109[/timer] – Read
Uncharted Waters Online New Area | [timer]109[/timer] – Read
Knight Age Relaxing Resort | [timer]109[/timer] – Read

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Wartune Gamplay – First Impressions HD

Wartune is a 2D browser-based RPG that puts you in the shoes of a mighty hero bent on protecting, and caring for their city. Among its most notable features, you’ll find dungeons, city building, crafting/farming, and PvP in the form of competition with other surrounding player cities. Whether you’re looking for RPG or strategy, you’ll find it in the world of Wartune.
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Awesomenauts Steam Giveaway, Wartune, Sevencore and more! – Weekly Loot Ep. 16

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This week we discuss:
Arctic Combat | The War Has Come
WarTune’s new servers
Starlight Story Browser MMO Announcement
Sevencore Open Beta 
DarkBlood Tag Combat

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Wartune combines the best elements of gaming to create an addictive environment. There is a PVP arena where you can fight 1 vs 1 or 3 vs 3 for great prizes. You can test your strength in the many levels of the Catacombs. There is plunder to be had on the world map where you can raid other players cities. Hunt down villains or play whack-a-mouse for bounty hunts. There are many campaigns to do as you level up your hero in single and multiplayer dungeons. There is even a farm where you can grow seeds. This game has plenty to do and guarantees that you will never be left twiddling your thumbs!

Pros: A lot of different tasks to keep you going. Fun and engaging PvP. Can be left alone overnight without fear of total loss even though it is a RTG.

Cons: Takes a lot of time to get everything done in the day. Cash shoppers have a clear advantage. The chat filter is a bit messy.