Maplestory, World of Tanks, Tales of Laputa and more! – The Weekly Loot Ep. 52

The Weekly Loot is MMO ATK’s Weekly MMO and MMORPG News Show hosted by the lovely and talented Reina!

This week we discuss:
Tales of Laputa’s Updates | [timer]29[/timer] – Read
Maplestory’s Birthday Celebrations | [timer]50[/timer] – Read
World of Tanks tournament | [timer]75[/timer] – Read
Diablo III’s Auction House Issues | [timer]95[/timer] – Read
RIFT Goes Free to Play | [timer]95[/timer] – Read
Eudemon Online’s 7th Anniversary | [timer]95[/timer] – Read
Wildstar’s Second Closed Beta | [timer]95[/timer] – Read

Each week we will be giving out a weekly prize (loot) for watching and interacting with Reina. This week’s loot is a $20 Steam Gift Card!

For a chance to win this week’s loot, comment below and tell us what your favorite anniversary event was, make sure you mention which game it was in!

*Winner will be selected on next week’s episode: 5/24* Thanks for watching, see you next week!

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