Biggest Updates Of The Year Arrives For MapleStory & Riders Of Icarus

Riders Of Icarus

Nexon America today unleashed its biggest update of the year for two of its top titles as both Riders of Icarus and MapleStory welcome massive content updates, bringing a bucket load of exciting new activities to both games. Fans of MapleStory can dive into the new content update, titled the V update, as the largest … Read more

News: Elder Scrolls Online Console Delays, Nintendo Emerging Markets! | The Daily XP May 8th

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Today on the Daily XP:
MapleStory Celebrates its 9th Anniversary Month With Updates and More | [timer]30[/timer]
Nintendo To Release Consoles and Accessories in Emerging Markets | [timer]68[/timer]
The Elder Scrolls Online Console Releases Delayed 6 Months | [timer]107[/timer]

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MapleStory, Warframe, Lord of the Rings Online and more! | The Weekly Loot Ep 81

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This week’s MMORPG News:

MapleStory Releases New Character, Zero | [timer]17[/timer]
Warframe’s Update 11 Is Now Live, First Update for PS4 | [timer]32[/timer]
Lord of the Rings Online’s Gift of the Valar Package | [timer]56[/timer]

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Maplestory, World of Tanks, Tales of Laputa and more! – The Weekly Loot Ep. 52

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This week we discuss:
Tales of Laputa’s Updates | [timer]29[/timer] – Read
Maplestory’s Birthday Celebrations | [timer]50[/timer] – Read
World of Tanks tournament | [timer]75[/timer] – Read
Diablo III’s Auction House Issues | [timer]95[/timer] – Read
RIFT Goes Free to Play | [timer]95[/timer] – Read
Eudemon Online’s 7th Anniversary | [timer]95[/timer] – Read
Wildstar’s Second Closed Beta | [timer]95[/timer] – Read

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It’s not every day that you come across a game with a squishy pink raid boss, pets that poop on command , a Meiji-era castle full of evil ninja, and a haunted mansion that fills up with quests every Halloween, but MapleStory, Nexon America’s free-to-play side-scrolling MMORPG, offers all of that and more.

The adventure begins when you select your class. You pick from a hodgepodge of seemingly random characters, like a time-traveling samurai and a magical girl who can transform into a super hero (complete with theme song and catchphrase). Each character has a unique combat system and back story, but they’re all tied together by a common goal: to stop the Black Mage, the source of all evil in Maple World.

You’ll spend a good chunk of time perfecting your character’s looks and we don’t just mean equipment (though there are several robust systems that allow you to fine-tune your gear). We’re talking demon wings, duck pajamas, bell bottoms, pancake hats, briefcases, headphones, and hundreds of other items that let you create an in-game persona. Admiring peoples style while chilling in town is almost a mini-game of its own!

Sooner or later, you’ll want to group up with other players so you can experience the games Party Quests, like one that lets you mount dragons to fight enemies in the air. MapleStory has several ways of letting you do this. You can join Guilds, Alliances (big groups of Guilds), and Families. If you’re monotonously-inclined, you can even get married and gain access to a love-themed dungeon.

The game offers more pets, mounts, a monster farm, medals, theme dungeons, crafting, familiars but in the end, it’s not the systems that make MapleStory so unique… It’s the games perfect blend of panache and heart.

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