WildStar Will Adopt Unique Pay-To-Play Model

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In a recent exclusive on MMORPG.Com Carbine’s Jeremy Gaffney revealed the financial revenue model for the eagerly anticipated MMO, WildStar. With the general decline in the popular of the pay-to-play market many fans were expecting WildStar to adopt a buy-to-play model, a financial decision that has proved extremely popular for Guild Wars 2. However, during the interview Jeremy discussed his concerns regarding that particular model before declaring WildStar officially a pay-to-play MMORPG game.

The game will cost $59.99 to purchase with a months worth of in-game time included. Players will also receive 3 one-week test passes, giving friends an opportunity to sample the game world before making a purchase. From there players will be expected to pay $14.99 a month, with cheaper options available for purchasing additional subscription time.

What really makes the subscription model unique is the CREDD system (Certificate of Research, Exploration, Destruction and Development). This EVE-esque style feature gives players the opportunity to purchase and sell subscription time in-game.

?The CX is unique in that when a player wants to buy a particular
commodity, they will only  be able to buy that commodity at the lowest
currently offered price, with no awareness of who?s actually selling
it.  Once the stock of that commodity at that price is gone, players
will then be able to buy from the available stock at the next lowest

The system has worked well for EVE Online and is sure to bridge the gap between the free-to-play and pay-to-play market. What do you guys think? Is the pay-to-play era dead or does it simply take a fresh approach to revive the declining numbers?  Whatever your choice, make sure to get the best price when you buy Wildstar online.

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