World of Contenders Teased For Age Of Wushu

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

The Age of Wushu website was updated today, revealing some exciting details for the upcoming patch the World of Contenders. The update is due to released next month but details were a little few and far between before today, but now there’s a wealth of information on some of the exciting additions players can expect come February.

First up is the debut of the Dragon and Tiger Combat Tournament. Offering players a series of intense 1v1 duels in which Hidden Weapon Skills and Ancient Manuals are both banned from the field, this new tournament offers a great way of winning new manuals, pills and skills.

Another exciting aspect of the World of Contenders update is the introduction of large-scale School lessons. This new feature will see events launch 3 times a day; offering aspiring martial artists the oportunity to easily increase their Cultivation Points and their prowess on the battlefield.

For more information on the other elements of World of Contenders, click here.

Source: Official Website

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