Hearthstone Open Beta, Superman in Infinite Crisis and more! | The Daily XP January 22nd

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Superman joins Infinite Crisis and Age of Wushu’s next update.  The Daily XP starts now.

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Today on the Daily XP:
The Hearthstone US Open Beta Begins Today | [timer]25[/timer]
Superman Joins Infinite Crisis as the Latest Champion | [timer]54[/timer]
Age of Wushu Teases Next Game Update | [timer]80[/timer]

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The Hearthstone US Open Beta begins today as one of the most
highly sought after closed beta events in history comes to an end.  How can I make this claim?  Well, the over $134,000 made from selling
Hearthstone closed beta keys on eBay helps. 
So yes, beginning today, anyone in the US can sign up for and play highly
anticipated trading card game from Blizzard. 
A warning has been issued because of the anticipated influx of new players.  It is also helpful to note that there will be
no more wipes, so players are free to amass as many new cards as possibly,
without fear of losing them.  Have fun!

The latest champion to join Infinite Crisis is coming, and
it’s none other than Superman.  Now, I can’t’
be the only one surprised that Superman wasn’t in the original starting
line-up, but I guess they had to make you anticipate something.  In Infinite Crisis Superman will excel at
initiating and finishing team fights. 
His skills include him spitting ice into your eyes to slow you down, and
shooting lasers from your eyes to deal damage and knock the enemy back.  These are two skills that I had no idea
Superman had, but of course, he is Superman so, anything is possible.

The next big patch for Age of Wushu is due out next month
and Snail Games has released a small preview on their site to get players
excited about the new update.  So what
should we expect?  Well, the new Dragon
and Tiger Tournament will feature a series of one-on-one duels, with the
winners receive manuals, skills and pills. 
There’s also the fourth internal skill unlock, which should give you
more edge in battle, and additional school lessons.  I’m sure there’s more, but the teaser only
gave us so much!

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