World Of Tanks Confirmed For Xbox 360 have one of the most successful MMO games around today. With over 70 million registered accounts World of Tanks is already a big name in the online world, but now it’s set to get bigger with the reveal of an Xbox 360 Edition. The game that manages to attract over 1 million concurrent users will be joining the already impressive Xbox 360 shooter lineup, but more importantly, it will be using the same model.

That’s right, free-to-play. No additional costs, no surcharge from Microsoft; gamers can enjoy everything included in the PC version from the comfort of their sofa using the Xbox 360. This is also the first time players will ever be able to use analogue style controls with World of Tanks, making a huge difference to those that are more used to console controllers over that of a mouse and keyboard.

One of the aspects I’m eager to see is the graphics port. World of Tanks is best on a decent quality PC but the Xbox 360 hardware, with only 512mb of ram, is far from a high-quality PC. As such I’d expect to see the developers sacrifice a certain quality in regards to the graphics but it shouldn’t be too severe.

Wargaming didn’t officially announce an Xbox One edition as they decided to focus on the Xbox 360 due to its availability and huge player base but they hinted at a next-generation edition once the consoles start to sell.

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