World of Warcraft – Come Celebrate Their 8th Birthday

You can’t have a respectable conversation about MMORPGs without including World of Warcraft in that conversation.  No matter what your thoughts on the game are, it has shaped the gaming world as we know it today.  As such, World of Warcraft will probably have the biggest and best birthday celebration of all time.  

World of Warcraft’s birthday is only a few days away and while players look back on their time in the game, Blizzard is offering you, and everyone, some sweet loot.  If you log in to your account between November 18th and December 1st, you will receive a special Feat of Strength achievement.  In addition you will get a Celebration Package that gives you access to a fireworks show, a cosmetic tabard and an 8% experience and reputation boost.  Why?  Because they said so.

They’ve already released a shiny new video to celebrate their anniversary.  Which can you watch now.

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