World Of WarPlanes Open Beta Release Date continue their domination of the battlefield as they announce the start date for the eagerly awaited World of WarPlanes open beta. Players can expect to enjoy the aerial dog-fighting MMO at the start of next month, beginning July 2nd. Players will finally get the opportunity to sample the best in aviation technology from the United States, Soviet Union, Germany and Japan, between the 1930s and 1950s.

The developers has also unveiled several new features that have been launched prior to the open beta release. The new features include a smoother experience for new players, the ability to hire crews and teach them valuable skills, and a brand new tutorial.

At a later stage in the Open Beta Test, you will also be able to experience the new Unified Premium Account, which will let you carry your premium account status across multiple Wargaming titles. During the Open Beta, pilots will receive special in-game tokens which can be redeemed for Unified Premium Account status.

Everybody is invited to join the Open Beta Test. No invite code is needed! All you need to do is register and play! If you already have a Wargaming ID through playing World of Tanks, then you can use the same account for World of Warplanes.

One thing is certain, Wargaming is on a rampage this week and there’s not much that can get in their way.

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